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Month: July, 2013

The Watch


No, this film is not about a wrist accessory and when is there ever a film without Ben Stiller at least waving in the background? He’s everywhere! 

Here he plays a member of a group named Neighborhood Watch, a couple of everyday men forced to find and know who the killer of a man named Antonio Gusemand, but are overpowered by the presence of aliens.

I was never interested in alien films, it’s people’s opinion on what they think of alien films, they’re either a complete box office flop, selling for two pence at a jumble sale or an excuse for hi i really can’t act actors to be known, but somehow Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill just dressed in blue jackets made the film better than it even is suppose to be. Without the four amazing actors, The Watch would be another ordinary alien film, unwatchable (depending if you like alien sci fi stuff) and lacking the slight level of comedy too. 

The film also has a manly atmosphere, considering it is a bromantic comedy, yet women and girls can watch it if they want. 

I would suggest you can watch it for the Ben Stiller bits and the alien attack bits are not scary, even for people who hate scary stuff. 

Thanks for reading 😀


One Direction Best Song ever


Around three years ago, One Direction were shy schoolboys about to enter the biggest televised talent contest ever- The X Factor. From there they released their first song in 2011, their second, their first album then their second album and soon to be their third, gaining a large fan base of girls and even boys aged 2-40s, but popular amongst teenage girls lining up for days to get tickets .

Now they release ‘Best Song Ever’, the main song for their 3D movie This Is Us. It sure is the Best song ever, breaking the record of most views on Youtube in 24 hours.

SPOILERS (but considering it broke the record for most views it doesn’t need any)

The video starts with two middle aged- old men who probably manage the movie, talking about Brad and Angelina and are actually Louis and Niall. They are soon interrupted by an assistant, Zayn in drag, who tell them that One Direction are here.

One Direction watch and disagree on Marcel (Harry with his hair slicked back and glasses) and the dance moves from Leeroy (Liam), only the burst into song with the dressed up version of them, watching parts of their movie, dancing and smashing up pictures in the process.

I think they have given a richer take on this song compared to any of the others and have expanded on both their talent and choice of music as well as videos since they burst into teenage girls’ hearts two years ago in What Makes You Beautiful, yet some argue that  it isn’t as good as the other ones (which I disagree with).

Being friends with many One Direction Fans, or more percifically Directioners, I found the song worthy for several awards and will be discussed for literally forever. Everyone in my family loved this song, even my younger brother!

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Kate and William’s baby

The TV is on nearly all day, with reporters, cars and people waiting to see the third in line come out of the Lindo Wing in Kate Middleton’s arms and Prince William. Prince Charles and kate’s parents are interviewed to fill the long eager time between the announcement that they were having a boy to the actual minute the stepped onto the steps that Diana and Charles stepped on with baby William 30 years ago.

The same reporter interviews keen royalists, often in the pouring rain yet others are not interested in the baby and just come to not care. It goes on for several days, bets are made, people lose the bet and their money, all to be an event likely to be put in history books. One journalist commented that the new baby, who has not be named yet, as William told journalists ‘we’re still working on a name’ will be the first monarch, preferably one under the age of 100, to live around the start of the 22nd century if he lives to be the age that the queen is now.

So anyway, there was even a board of names which people wanted the baby to be called, some including a simple yet traditional name like George.

The new baby is going to be king sometime in the future. Therefore he will not be living a very normal life, as everyone will watch him grow in front of the cameras. Journalists who think they know everything will predict who he will go to Nursery with and forget that Diana, if still alive, would be a budding grandmother.

Similar to the wedding in 2011, this picture may be on t-shirts, mugs and piggy banks to capture the moment in history that everyone may remember.

in my opinion, it’s not so much my business but us as admirers, or us the newer generation of people may witness him being king (particuarly people born in the early 90’s to now) and with the invention of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and general news sights can watch back the videos uploaded, or online articles to read.

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Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult does another one of her gripping page turners, a Jacqueline Wilson for adults/ keen teenage readers. Picture perfect is the story of a young woman with Amnesia after a mugging. She is rescued by a policeman and found by Alex Rivers, the top Hollywood actor. However, her memory comes back to her and Rivers has a dark  secret.

My sister once again suggested this book to me and being a keen Jodi Picoult book reader, I found this book gripping yet  intense, but gives an insight that you should not fantasize or marry a dangerous  actor just because he’s got alot of money, or that he’s good looking, yet on the other hand, depending on people’s opinion, it is a disturbing read in places.

It gives an insight of the downside of a picture perfect actor, or that they are only playing it for the cameras so nobody could understand his troubled past or relationship with his wife.

This book isn’t too good to analyze or tear apart, but the psychology of Rivers is obvious. Anyway, give it a read, or read one of her other tough books and enjoy

(Don’t bother googling a actor called Alex Rivers, there’s no such actor)

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The Sudden Death of Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith was found dead around two days ago and was mostly known as the Glee star but despite his picture  perfect  looks, had , many troubles, such as taking drugs since he was a teenager. He was a good looking actor, but it was a sudden shock when people on Facebook started updating their status (including me) to RIP Cory Monteith. So many actors are dying within the last couple of years, most of them legends, Patrick Swayze in 2009, Micheal Clarke Duncan last year and now Cory Monteith this year, just weeks away from marrying his Glee Co-star. 

He didn’t just leave us with grief from the 30-something long life he left probably because of his drug problem, but with his wonderful vocals on his ‘Don’t stop Beliving’ duet and probably several dozens of posters. Just like other stars, he left several films in  pre and post production.

Whether you’re a fan of Glee or not, , he will be forever  missed and similar to other dead actors, will be mentioned at the Oscars next year.



‘Everything you…

‘Everything you have seen is an illusion,’

A line from the Illusionist

The Wanted Life

OK, it’s a Monday evening. 9pm, or watching it on repeat, the show starts, and five mischievous boys between the ages of 20 and 24 appear on the screen, ready to amuse their viewers with problems and fun between the band and their girlfriends. Five boys, Max, the bald yet womanizing/ bad boy/ party animal, or to make it shorter, ‘a man that likes ladies,’ Nathan, the good-looking baby of the band, Jay, the funny curly haired one, Tom, the oldest, who loves to crack practical jokes  such as pouring beer on Siva and generally on the band and one of two members of the band who have a girlfriend and Siva, the quiffed Irish member who faces problems such as choosing between his girlfriend Nareesha and being part of of One Direction’s rival band.

To be honest, I think this show, despite the large amount of swearing from literally every member of their band, is amazing for everyone- even if you have or never will appreciate the greatest bad-boy band which will ever walk the planet, loved by both sexes (I’m very sure the are boy fans of The Wanted).

The Wanted, in my opinion, are the type of band who wouldn’t suit a movie, but I love their show. They go from partying and Max using his womanizing powers to lure women to fighting over if Siva is going to perform with them, or Nathan with his throat surgery (Yes, the were a foursome band for several months) to performing in front of Obama (Oops I ruined next week’s episode!).

I would highly suggest you watch it and It’s on E! almost everyday, however the repeats pre-9pm have the swearing bleeped out. I hope you like this review and the reality  TV show