The Watch

by missizziemcguinness


No, this film is not about a wrist accessory and when is there ever a film without Ben Stiller at least waving in the background? He’s everywhere! 

Here he plays a member of a group named Neighborhood Watch, a couple of everyday men forced to find and know who the killer of a man named Antonio Gusemand, but are overpowered by the presence of aliens.

I was never interested in alien films, it’s people’s opinion on what they think of alien films, they’re either a complete box office flop, selling for two pence at a jumble sale or an excuse for hi i really can’t act actors to be known, but somehow Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill just dressed in blue jackets made the film better than it even is suppose to be. Without the four amazing actors, The Watch would be another ordinary alien film, unwatchable (depending if you like alien sci fi stuff) and lacking the slight level of comedy too. 

The film also has a manly atmosphere, considering it is a bromantic comedy, yet women and girls can watch it if they want. 

I would suggest you can watch it for the Ben Stiller bits and the alien attack bits are not scary, even for people who hate scary stuff. 

Thanks for reading 😀