The Wanted Life

by missizziemcguinness

OK, it’s a Monday evening. 9pm, or watching it on repeat, the show starts, and five mischievous boys between the ages of 20 and 24 appear on the screen, ready to amuse their viewers with problems and fun between the band and their girlfriends. Five boys, Max, the bald yet womanizing/ bad boy/ party animal, or to make it shorter, ‘a man that likes ladies,’ Nathan, the good-looking baby of the band, Jay, the funny curly haired one, Tom, the oldest, who loves to crack practical jokes  such as pouring beer on Siva and generally on the band and one of two members of the band who have a girlfriend and Siva, the quiffed Irish member who faces problems such as choosing between his girlfriend Nareesha and being part of of One Direction’s rival band.

To be honest, I think this show, despite the large amount of swearing from literally every member of their band, is amazing for everyone- even if you have or never will appreciate the greatest bad-boy band which will ever walk the planet, loved by both sexes (I’m very sure the are boy fans of The Wanted).

The Wanted, in my opinion, are the type of band who wouldn’t suit a movie, but I love their show. They go from partying and Max using his womanizing powers to lure women to fighting over if Siva is going to perform with them, or Nathan with his throat surgery (Yes, the were a foursome band for several months) to performing in front of Obama (Oops I ruined next week’s episode!).

I would highly suggest you watch it and It’s on E! almost everyday, however the repeats pre-9pm have the swearing bleeped out. I hope you like this review and the reality  TV show