The Sudden Death of Cory Monteith

by missizziemcguinness

Cory Monteith was found dead around two days ago and was mostly known as the Glee star but despite his picture  perfect  looks, had , many troubles, such as taking drugs since he was a teenager. He was a good looking actor, but it was a sudden shock when people on Facebook started updating their status (including me) to RIP Cory Monteith. So many actors are dying within the last couple of years, most of them legends, Patrick Swayze in 2009, Micheal Clarke Duncan last year and now Cory Monteith this year, just weeks away from marrying his Glee Co-star. 

He didn’t just leave us with grief from the 30-something long life he left probably because of his drug problem, but with his wonderful vocals on his ‘Don’t stop Beliving’ duet and probably several dozens of posters. Just like other stars, he left several films in  pre and post production.

Whether you’re a fan of Glee or not, , he will be forever  missed and similar to other dead actors, will be mentioned at the Oscars next year.