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Month: April, 2016

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


‘I’ll never turn to the dark side,’ 

Return of The Jedi concludes the original Star Wars series for now as Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) plans to bring down Darth Vader and learns alot about himself and the truth about his father in more detail.

Return of the Jedi’s purpose was to conclude everything from the previous two films, expand on the vague details, introducing more plot twists (such as Luke and Leia being related) and showing stuff that they didn’t have the plot to or time to show in previous episodes. Leia’s famous bikini costume thing sexualized her character a bit but I think that was the point. Han Solo delivered some somewhat comical lines although Star Wars is known to have a cheesy script. My friend and I were discussing how weird it was how Leia thought that Luke was related to her all along, so the Star Wars universe is accepting of the Oedipus complex. It seemed to be hard to say goodbye to characters who you felt like you knew and loved such as Yoda and even the now more obviously manipulative Darth Vader. I think I read somewhere that Luke has serious daddy issues.

I don’t really have much to say about this film because I probably said it all already. The ending was particularly sad in a powerful and emotional way and I liked how Luke didn’t follow his father onto the dark side and managed to take off Vader’s mask (would have been really cool to include that in V For Vendetta but that’s for another time). I also have a £10.00 replica of Luke’s green light saber. The costumes were fantastic as well.

While this wasn’t the best one ever out of the trilogy, I liked how they tied up all the loose ends and showed crucial plot points. I’ll probably have to re watch the trilogy at some point.



Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


‘I am your father’

The second film of the original trilogy continues on from the first film as Luke travels to Dagobah to search for Master Yoda (Frank Oz). With Master Yoda’s help, the dark side brings him to the ultimate duel with Darth Vader. Meanwhile, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) start to fall in love and they have to escape the millennium Falcon along with Chewbacca when they face attack.

My friend and many other people say that this movie is the best one because it has so many iconic scenes in it and they introduce many main characters, such as Yoda. One of my friends also said that they made most of it up on the spot. Although I found it somewhat sudden that Han and Leia’s relationship escalated from ignoring and insulting each other to being all over each other, it turned out to be rather heart warming and the film was left on a cliffhanger with alot of things to clear up, which will hopefully be cleared up in Episode VI.

This one was good because it was the source to most of the famous Star Wars scenes e.g ‘No, I am your father’ scene, the Darth Vader and the Luke Skywalker light saber duel but Leia became less and less independent in this one to the point where she was screaming and being soppy to everyone but she was still very kick ass. For instance, there was a bit where she was positioned at a higher level than one of the other male characters, meaning more authority and power.  Likewise, you begin to love Han Solo because of his heroic nature despite his previous arrogant behaviour.

Cool film but it takes longer to get into then you get stuck in the action then it ends on a cliffhanger. I hope my star wars phase stays around for a long time.



The Movies tag

1.) Favourite movie of all time?

Probably Children of Men and V For Vendetta. I’m also quite fond of the original Star Wars trilogy at the moment.

2.) Favourite scene from that movie?

There’s a scene in V For Vendetta about ‘You Wear a mask for so long that you forget who you were beneath it’, suggesting self identity and anonymity.

3.) Favourite actor/actresses?

I have so many, but I would say Robert Donat (an actor from the 30s-50s), Clive Owen, Hugo Weaving, Christoph Waltz, Tom Hanks, James Dean, Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman.

4.) Most annoying actor/actress?

Adam Sandler, James Franco, Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. They all annoy the hell out of me. Don’t know why though.

5.) Best Director?

Baz Luhmann because he’s a bit over the top with colour and costumes and stuff but there’s also the dark bits in his films as well. Quentin Tarantino is also fantastic because he’s a bit eccentric as well.

6.) Favourite guilty pleasure movie?

Rom coms such as Wild Child and 13 Going on 30 are guilty pleasures because they’re cheesy and mostly unrealistic but you can’t help but to like them.

7.) Favourite tear jerker?

Goodbye Mr Chips, the original 1930s version. The bit where the little boy turns around and says ‘Goodbye Mr Chips, goodbye’ sets me, my mum and my sister off all the time. The end of Return of the Jedi is also very sad.

8.) Character from a movie that scared you the most?

I used to be scared of V from V for Vendetta until it turns out that it’s only Hugo Weaving wearing a mask. Other than that, the classic vampires from original vampire movies creep me out.

9.) Movie you love that everyone hates?

I haven’t met that many people who like Sin City but I love it.

10.) Movie you hate that everyone loves?

Not sure. I don’t get the hype about Fast and Furious but I haven’t watched any of them.

11.) Favourite movie duo?

Probably Django and Dr King Shultz from Django Unchained.

12.) Favourite animated movie?

I personally love Beauty and The Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Shrek because I grew up watching it. I also like the detail in the former two movies.

13.) Actor/Actress crush?

Clive Owen is really hot and so is the young Christoph Waltz. As for the actresses, the Youtuber/West End stage actress Carrie Fletcher, Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman.

14.) Favourite movie villain?

Agent Smith from The Matrix, Colonel Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

15.) What movie surprised you the most?

Alot of movies surprised me.

16.) If you could only keep one movie what would it be?

Probably Children of Men because it warns about the end of the human race and it’s also a fantastic film.

17.) Movie recommendation and for whom?

Children of Men for all my friends who haven’t seen it because it is so brilliant and Clive Owen was excellent in it.

18.) If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress (now old) who would it be?

The young Christoph Waltz looked fit so I would probably marry him if I went back in time, and other than that, probably the main original male Star Wars cast members.

19.) One remake that you wish had never been made?

The 2011 Three Musketeers was a remake of the other six thousand three musketeers adaptations so I suppose that thee Three Musketeers 2011 should have never been made.

20.) About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be?- Probably a comedy one, not sure which one. A convenient one would be Ghost (1990).

21.) Favourite movie genre/favourite movie from that genre? My favourite movie genre is the sci fi, fantasy and thriller genre, and I love so many films from that genre that we’ll be here until next year if I describe them all.

22.) What was the first movie that you remember watching in theatres?

I remember watching Shrek 2 at the cinema when my 11 year old brother was a baby.

I nominate anyone who wants to the tag.


The Dressmaker

‘I’m back, you bastards,’

The Dressmaker is a novel by Rosalie Hamm and it is about a dressmaker called Tilly Dunnage who returns to Dungatar in the hope of looking after her ill mother Molly. She develops a friendship with Sargeant Farrat (played by Hugo Weaving in the film), the town’s policeman who likes to secretly dress up in women’s outfits and therefore challenges gender norms and she falls in love with Teddy McSwiney, a football player.

In terms of the book, the narrative is a bit all over the place. I can’t really keep track of many of the characters and I don’t really care about most of them anyway but I liked the humor and the vivid descriptions of the littlest things, such as the food and the clothing that they design and wear. Sargeant Farrat was a flexible character who was loved by everyone and I’m sure that Teddy is probably our ideal man.

As for the film, Kate Winslet was very stunning. People obviously loved her character Tilly because of the dresses that she made or they hated her because of what she did to the little boy when she was younger which they have never forgiven her for, including her own mentally unstable mother Molly (Judy Davis). The film clearly makes a statement about how your choice of fashion can change you with a few sequins. I think Liam Hemsworth was written in for sex appeal but he did a decent job as Teddy, Tilly’s toyboy. They missed out big chunks of the book but luckily the parts that they missed out were the unnecessary plotlines. William and Tilly’s childhood friend Gertrude’s relationship was explored a little more in the book but I wasn’t really bothered by it.

Hugo Weaving clearly loved wearing all the outfits in the movie as Sargent Farrat. He was loveable and he opposed gender norms. For instance, as the town’s only policeman, he would ideally be strict, masculine and nearly always in uniform but he was wearing all sorts of stylish, and usually women’s outfits and being popular with the people in the town. He would be the type of person who everyone would want to have as a friend. I liked the use of closeups of fashion items i.e shoes, dresses, to emphasise the importance of fashion.

Not the best film in the world but it does have its good moments, especially when Tilly can make the plainest of people look fantastic, and she can promise feather boas to an eccentric policeman. Tilly and Farrat’s characters were flawed, Tilly’s mother was a bit unstable and the I-killed-the boy storyline dragged a bit but it was a central plotpoint anyway. I might have to rewatch this movie to get details that I didn’t catch before.

The director Jocelyn Moorhouse also directed Hugo Weaving in his early movie Proof (1991) and it was good that they did another film together.


Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

‘The Force will be with you’

George Lucas directs Episode IV, the first film out of the original trilogy in Star Wars. The movie is basically about a young man called Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), a slightly arrogant captain of the Millennium Falcon Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and two droids called R2-D2 and C3-PO who work together to rescue the kick ass and only woman in the entire film so far, the stunning Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), who is the leader of the rebel alliance.

I watched this movie with my eleven year old brother and he said that he liked it and he loved how badass Princess Leia was, considering that she was fighting in a man’s world. Most of my college friends seem to love Star Wars, and I got jealous of my two best friends red light sabers because the toys look really cool. This led to a long discussion between me and my best guy friend. Apparently, there are several different versions of the original films.

My favourite character is probably Darth Vader because the mask and long black cloak reminds me of V from V For Vendetta for some reason, or Chewbecca because he’s weirdly cute. I’m sure that the character of Han Solo would grow with me as  I watch more of the films but he comes across as being very over confident and a ‘me-me-me’ type of character, despite the fact that Harrison Ford is a good actor and the young Mark Hamill was really adorable. Most of the scenes were quite obvious CGI but Star Wars is the only film where vast amounts of CGI, some battles in the millenium falcon/outer space (excuse me if I get some of the facts wrong) makes me feel like I’m battling with a light saber in space with them.

I can see why people love star wars almost obsessively. Apparently The Empire Strikes Back (the next one) is the best one out of the entire series. Other films have tried to rip off or copy Star Wars but they have failed drastically.

Great movie, cool cast, and it has made a good contribution to marketing culture with all the merchandise and movies, especially with the upcoming DVD release of the Force Awakens.


I, Robot


‘My responses are limited’

I, Robot is a movie set in 2035 and it is about a detective guy called Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) who investigates the suicide of a robotics creator called Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell) and believes that a robot who actually killed the robotics creator goes by the name Sonny actually murdered him and investigates with a very smart robot expert called Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan).

I was allowed to borrow this movie from one of my guy friends, who is fascinated by motorbikes and humanity related stuff. I came to enjoy it despite the fact that I switched off for most of it. My brothers and older sister also watched alot of it when they were younger.

This movie differs from other dystopian movies. For starters, Will Smith’s character lives in a fairly nice apartment. The point is that robots are starting to take over humanity and we are already living against computers anyway, which will be programmed into robots which will eventually have human minds (I honestly think that I’ve been writing/watching too much robot and dystopian related stuff).Why should a human, for instance, have to do something that a robot could do faster can a human ever could? It was very much a human vs robot battle in the movie which will only end in robots taking over the world for good. Despite the fact that Sonny could kill people, he was oddly loveable as a robot.

As for the cast, they were very good. Bridget Moynahan was badass in some ways and the movie also starred the young Shia LaBeouf. The whole hologram idea is regular in all science fiction stuff nowadays.

Decent cast, cool film and it is one of those film that will eventually predict what is going to happen to humanity in twenty or thirty years. The only thing that concerned me; what happened to the cat in the boot of the car?



Last Ride (2009)


‘It doesn’t matter anymore because he’s dead now,

Last Ride is an Australian movie about a father Kev (Hugo Weaving) and his son Chook (Tom Russell) who are on the run but things start to dwell into something more harmful as they battle their troubled relationship in order to survive as he’s trying to avoid suspicion for a crime that he committed.

I have now watched a few of Hugo Weaving’s smaller films, such as The Mule, Healing, Strangerland, Oranges and Sunshine, Priscilla, Mystery Road and Proof. The material in Last Ride is raw and he plays the part of Kev incredibly well. One minute, he’ll be telling his son how to survive with a rabbit and a rifle around a campfire and the next he’ll be abandoning him in the middle of nowhere to teach him a ‘lesson’.  His character clearly had some emotional issues and you forget that he’s in The Matrix when you watch his low budget films. The temperamental emotion that he puts into the film is unbelievable and Tom Russell (the little boy) is a very promising actor and I think he’s done a few other things since then. Despite the fact that I began to hate Kev (but not how Hugo Weaving played it), the ending was moving. However, due to the topic of child abuse, domestic violence, violence and crime explored in the film, I feel like I can’t really like the film as much as I could.

I felt scared, like the little boy, of the unpredictability of Hugo Weaving’s character. I wouldn’t consider this as my favourite film but Weaving and Tom Russell worked together so well on screen, backed up by the smaller characters. I can also see why it is highly underrated yet it is visually stunning. The boy’s red safety coat could also represent a feeling of security.

Great cast and a generally touching film. I also feel like this could be compared with Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ and the film of the same name for many reasons. I also like how it makes you think long after you’ve finished watching the movie. It is also based off the book ‘The Last Ride’ by Denise Young.