Kate and William’s baby

by missizziemcguinness

The TV is on nearly all day, with reporters, cars and people waiting to see the third in line come out of the Lindo Wing in Kate Middleton’s arms and Prince William. Prince Charles and kate’s parents are interviewed to fill the long eager time between the announcement that they were having a boy to the actual minute the stepped onto the steps that Diana and Charles stepped on with baby William 30 years ago.

The same reporter interviews keen royalists, often in the pouring rain yet others are not interested in the baby and just come to not care. It goes on for several days, bets are made, people lose the bet and their money, all to be an event likely to be put in history books. One journalist commented that the new baby, who has not be named yet, as William told journalists ‘we’re still working on a name’ will be the first monarch, preferably one under the age of 100, to live around the start of the 22nd century if he lives to be the age that the queen is now.

So anyway, there was even a board of names which people wanted the baby to be called, some including a simple yet traditional name like George.

The new baby is going to be king sometime in the future. Therefore he will not be living a very normal life, as everyone will watch him grow in front of the cameras. Journalists who think they know everything will predict who he will go to Nursery with and forget that Diana, if still alive, would be a budding grandmother.

Similar to the wedding in 2011, this picture may be on t-shirts, mugs and piggy banks to capture the moment in history that everyone may remember.

in my opinion, it’s not so much my business but us as admirers, or us the newer generation of people may witness him being king (particuarly people born in the early 90’s to now) and with the invention of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and general news sights can watch back the videos uploaded, or online articles to read.

Thanks for reading, another post will be up soon!