One Direction Best Song ever

by missizziemcguinness


Around three years ago, One Direction were shy schoolboys about to enter the biggest televised talent contest ever- The X Factor. From there they released their first song in 2011, their second, their first album then their second album and soon to be their third, gaining a large fan base of girls and even boys aged 2-40s, but popular amongst teenage girls lining up for days to get tickets .

Now they release ‘Best Song Ever’, the main song for their 3D movie This Is Us. It sure is the Best song ever, breaking the record of most views on Youtube in 24 hours.

SPOILERS (but considering it broke the record for most views it doesn’t need any)

The video starts with two middle aged- old men who probably manage the movie, talking about Brad and Angelina and are actually Louis and Niall. They are soon interrupted by an assistant, Zayn in drag, who tell them that One Direction are here.

One Direction watch and disagree on Marcel (Harry with his hair slicked back and glasses) and the dance moves from Leeroy (Liam), only the burst into song with the dressed up version of them, watching parts of their movie, dancing and smashing up pictures in the process.

I think they have given a richer take on this song compared to any of the others and have expanded on both their talent and choice of music as well as videos since they burst into teenage girls’ hearts two years ago in What Makes You Beautiful, yet some argue that  it isn’t as good as the other ones (which I disagree with).

Being friends with many One Direction Fans, or more percifically Directioners, I found the song worthy for several awards and will be discussed for literally forever. Everyone in my family loved this song, even my younger brother!

Thanks for reading, another one will be up soon!