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Month: November, 2013

The joy of writing.

It’s weird how much ideas pour from your head to a piece of paper or a word document and slowly unravels until, after some editing, is a creation. I find it is somewhat a use of escapism because it is like creating a world of your own where, unless you make the characters to do so, are not horrible or appear to be rude or two faced like reality . Big authors such as J.K Rowling, who is now a worldwide, successful author, started out writing down her ideas on envelopes and is now the author of all 7 successful Harry Potter books, that’s a good idea of how a small idea can turn into a story.
As a keen storywriter myself, and have been since I was about six, I enjoy nothing but writing whatever comes to my head, whatever time of day and hope to be some sort of writer some day. I often don’t write from experience and write more of the voice of the character, but it pulls you into the story.
The worst thing is probably writers block. The awkward moment when the pieces of story are written but there is a missing part but you can’t think of anything.
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The Great Gatsby




Baz Luhmann presents a glitzy adaptation of the F Scott Fitzgerald’s bestseller following the story of to-be writer Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who lands next door to old friend millionaire party boy Jay ‘Gatz’ Gatsby (Leo Dicaprio) who’s popularity comes from his endless parties. Carraway soon is witness to Gatsby’s romance to Carraway’s married cousin Daisy (Carey Mullingan).


The use of camera angles and flashbacks make this adaptation unique and making Gatsby a superior man who is only popular for his parties, such as doing long shots of his window or not showing his face until a good 20 minutes in, by that time, the characters have been introduced already. I like it how Luhmann shows both sides to a millionaire, he may have a lot of admirers and people coming to his party, but nobody knows who he actually is because he’s so mysterious and has money to cover himself up. 

I have read the novella maybe twice and have enjoyed it as I love any sort of old book, but I was surprised as the film goes on and a little more of him is unraveled and makes McGuire’s character look like an outsider now that viewers have known a little more about Gatsby.  

I think the soundtrack suits the film and doesn’t disrupt the movie too much. I find that it is one of the few Leonardo DiCaprio films of the last five or so years that aren’t too aimed at guys so everyone can watch it. As I watched the movie, artistic camera angles and glamorous costumes was all I thought of.. and Leo DiCaprio in a sexy white suit but never mind about that. Luhmann uses clothing and contact lenses for DiCaprio to show the difference between Gatsby and the rest of the characters, a white suit and neat hair while the others looks slightly rough.  

Carey Mulligan, who played Daisy, plays every character as if she didn’t play the other role. Her costume is elaborate and I generally think she is a good actress, although some of her other films such as The Greatest were not the best. As she is one of the quieter characters (I don’t think any woman with a blue blooded husband would ever be loud at all), she shows the indestructible character through facial expressions and costume.

The only thing I should criticize about this film is Leo DiCaprio’s change in accents. It could just be my hearing or his voice was normal one moment and weird the next so it let the film down a bit and the constant change in conversation. Other than that, it is a 9.5/10.


JLS split

When X-Factor band JLS announced their split earlier this year, I wasn’t surprised. If that was said in a magazine maybe two years ago, I would have hated the thought of it, but I now see them as a disinteresting band who are desperate for another Number 1 despite the fact that there are newer boy bands on the market such as Union J and One Direction.

Their songs are good, but from a perspective of a younger person who has grown up listening to JLS, their time has been long up since one of them has family plans and I heard they are not very nice to some fans nowadays. Like similar bands, they are brought up and thrown back down in disgust because in media terms, men who are aged around mid to late twenties are too old to be doing backflip sand suddenly showing their torsos mid song.

That’s only my opinion. They have done well for themselves and there would be no doubt some sort of reunion tour in five years.    

Star Trek Into Darkness



Never before have I appreciated a science fiction film as much as this movie. I haven’t watched the original, and sci-fi movies are stereo typically aimed at geeks. That statement is wrong, because geeky/ films aimed at guys are usually better than most chick flicks, more gripping and serious, more three dimensional so you are more part of the action. Often less predictable but overpowering with the CGI and thinking that maybe the whole film was done in front of a green screen with directors, producers, camera people, actors and harnesses. 

Anyway, Star Trek into Darkness is the twelfth installment of The Star Trek movies and is about  a manhunt to hunt down, trial and capture the man, firstly known as John Harrison, but soon later to be revealed as Khan. It is the highest grossing Star Trek film, according to a source.

In my opinion, I liked seeing Benedict Cumberbatch playing a character out of his comfort zone and when he is on, he is either being punched in the face by Chris Pine or vice versa. I liked how they used the camera angles to show his character and that he wasn’t in it every moment of the film, only making regular occurrences. His low, distinguished voice and face show mystery as he tricks the couple at the beginning that he will save their daughter. The use of reasonably good looking actors show a more wider target audience for the film so people can secretly fan girl Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine. The way they actually include the women in the film inside of using them as an object in the background is interesting.

The only thing I must criticize about this movie is that again, I haven’t watched the first one, or the original ones so I didn’t really understand most of it and in some parts it dragged on. 

If I would give this movie a rating I would give it an 8.5/10



How ridiculous the second Justin Bieber movie sounds like.

Two years ago, Justin Bieber had a film made about him called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. At that point I actually liked Justin Bieber because he had that teenagery music-feel about him. I know he’s now nineteen and wants to grow up and I have friends who are obsessed with him, but a second movie, really? At least do a movie about Justin Timberlake or whatever but not another one about him.

So anyway, I was watching the trailer to the Justin Bieber new movie and thought to myself, This looks terrible, despite the fact that a trailer is only for selling purposes and I am not what you would call a Belieber or whatever the fans are called. With the height of his recent ‘scandals’ trying to do another movie is not the answer. 

That’s only my opinion. I won’t actually know unless I drag myself to watch it. Or if you are a belieber. 


Rizzle Kicks- Skip to the good bit

There’s something which is reasonably good when listening to Rizzle Kicks, a hip hop duo from Brighton who’s members are called Harley Alexander -Sule and Jordan ‘rizzle’ Stevens. They have so far released 2 albums and perform at major festivals mostly around England, often trying to achieve a PJ and Duncan sound.

 Their latest song, Skip to the good bit is a catchy tune who’s video (SPOILERS!) features famous faces, one of which is Will Poulter, a 20 year old actor who you may have recognized if you have watched films such as We’re in The Millers or Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of The Dawn treader. The video starts in a chemistry lesson and ends with a weird looking school disco. I personally find that it is one of their best yet because their music gets better when they do more singles, although I think their quality live will never change (No offense, but they’re terrible live from what I’ve seen)

On the other hand, This song is not the best that I’ve listened to. All their songs sound the same and all they seem to sing about is girls and ‘skipping to the good bit’. If I would rate it, I would give it a 6/10. 




Conor Maynard

Every male young singer on the planet seems to have some supposed relation to Justin Bieber. Well, not this 20 year old singer, who was founded on Youtube covering his own version of songs in his room. Conor Maynard, a Brighton singer who has appeal aimed at girls and maybe boys aged around 6-30+ such as R U Crazy or Vegas Girl and has so far released one album, Contrast.

I have no idea when I first became interested in him, probably from a friend, but his songs are so appealing to people and individual to other singers that they end up catchy and easy to sing along to. We don’t hear him or marijuana in the same sentence.. well, not yet anyway. To be honest, there is no way of comparing Conor Maynard because he is so individual with his own style, including the mole under his right eye. His dramatic soulful voice reminds us of heartfelt hits that we use to sing along to, both his range of flapback hats which only really look interesting on him.  

My favourite songs of his are probably Vegas Girl, which is one of his earlier hits which surrounds how he searches for a girl that he met and thought she was a Vegas Girl. Another one I personally like is his latest one, R U Crazy, which is about a girl who think that she can get back with him. Since my sister knows someone who knew him, he is a bit more easier to meet than maybe One Direction.   

However, I often find that his music sometimes sounds the same and follows the same line of either finding or breaking up with a girl. Too many male singers or boybands have done that and he struggles to break out of that cliche, making his focus of singing or range of songs questionable. How many more male singers are going to sing about breakups without realizing that they’ve made covers of someone else’s song?  

Thanks for reading. 



Child Stars/ singers going down dodgy paths.

I think Hollywood should be looked at in both ways. There’s Leonardo DiCaprio or Claire Danes, who have been acting since their childhood or late teenage years and still don’t go down the wrong path, despite extreme roles. There’s the newcomers such as Asa Butterfield, who you hope will never go down the drug path or have Child star syndrome. On the other hand, there is Macualay Culkin, Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus who have grown up in the public eye so much that they turn to drink, drugs and er…. deciding to do a weird music video.

Propaganda is used in that sort of situation. You see a child actor smiling on the red carpet, they’re crying on the inside and don’t confess it until their parents nick all their earnings {this was a particular problem for post First world war star Jackie Coogan} when they’re older and don’t want to go anywhere near the studios or behind, even in front of the camera ever again. 

With the turn of the questionable Justin Bieber incidents,it leaves you wondering how fame can get to their head in a way that they think they can rule the world of pop when thy’re battling secret drug incidents. 



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Justin Timberlake

Some actors or singers are good looking or talented when they are young, then lose the plot when they hit puberty, or when they become adults. Other, however, it’s the other way round {not naming anyone, George Clooney}. In particular, Justin Timberlake, a singer and actor who has been singing and acting on and off since the nineties, having previously appeared in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 


Any of you over the age of around 17 would remember him as the blonde curly haired guy from N’Sync, an American boyband of the nineties who sang hits such as Bye Bye Bye and Music of my heart. From what I have seen of them, they are a cheesy, all dancing pop group of the late 20th century. They called it quits in 2002 and since then, Timberlake has been releasing his own material, often collaborating with people such as Jay-Z or Madonna. and I’m sure the other members have done so too.

Obviously things have changed and in the blonde curly haired guy’s place is a 32 year old hunk who has found the brown hair dye, suitable hair stylist and is married to one of the most glamorous actresses ever, Jessica Biel. He frequently appears on the American late night show, Saturday Night Live, a comedy show of which most US hot-listers {sometimes outside the US as well}  appear on. He has appeared in films such as Social Network and Runner Runner, which is why there is a long gap between his last album and 20/20 Experience.

On the other hand, Timberlake probably does not appeal to everyone. To some, he may be old in the music world or maybe most of his songs are not of cleanest of lyrics. Either way, he is a prime example of someone who grew up in the limelight, married someone in the limelight and is still coming out sane but with songs or movies that does not appeal to everyone.

In my opinion, his songs are very cleverly sung and he puts emotion and into his music that the other Justin is starting to lose because the fame is getting to his head now {and he somewhat reminds me of Robert Pattinson, let’s not get onto that}. Personally, my favourite song of his is Mirrors because it puts an emotional message across and the theme of the song is actually about his wife and the romance between his grandparents. 

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 The video for his new song TKO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyXtoTLLcDk