Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

by missizziemcguinness

Jodi Picoult does another one of her gripping page turners, a Jacqueline Wilson for adults/ keen teenage readers. Picture perfect is the story of a young woman with Amnesia after a mugging. She is rescued by a policeman and found by Alex Rivers, the top Hollywood actor. However, her memory comes back to her and Rivers has a dark  secret.

My sister once again suggested this book to me and being a keen Jodi Picoult book reader, I found this book gripping yet  intense, but gives an insight that you should not fantasize or marry a dangerous  actor just because he’s got alot of money, or that he’s good looking, yet on the other hand, depending on people’s opinion, it is a disturbing read in places.

It gives an insight of the downside of a picture perfect actor, or that they are only playing it for the cameras so nobody could understand his troubled past or relationship with his wife.

This book isn’t too good to analyze or tear apart, but the psychology of Rivers is obvious. Anyway, give it a read, or read one of her other tough books and enjoy

(Don’t bother googling a actor called Alex Rivers, there’s no such actor)

Next review will be up soon!