Robert Pattinson Dior advert

One minute he is sparkling into our hearts, the next he’s clearly grown out of that picture perfect girly image and was signed for a dior advert. STAY.THAT.WAY Robert Pattinson. 

The effect of using black and white creates a moody atmosphere to embrace the almost seductive chemistry to show that they are advertising a men’s perfume. The background music is smooth and relaxing to focus more on him and his blonde co-star instead of music which which loud and interrupted. 

Either moodily sitting on the roof in sunglasses, or somewhat sleeping in a bathtub, Robert comes into our hearts with his brand new-no Kristen image {they broke up ages ago}. and continues to stay that way. We are somewhat jealous of the woman he gets to work with ;D One minute he’s in a Dior advert, the next an Oscar like his co-stars. 

On the other hand, it may not be that way. He is likely to never escape that squeaky clean image and suddenly being in a fairly crude video could probably only label him as ‘the actor who is trying to be serious with some blonde girl’ would only see him as a grown up actor who captures {or at least use too} teenagers hearts by appearing in a serious advert. 

In my opinion, he has shown a new self. Never would he had done an advert beforehand if he hadd to wreck his former squeaky clean image. The advert is somewhat rebellious and shows him in a new light and expresses himself more, although in nearly all his films he is making us {or the under twenties} jealous by wishing we were that girl he worked with.

Final verdict; Beautiful, classy and mysterious. 7/10. Image