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Muhammad Ali


Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion

This morning, I woke up to the news that Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxer, had died at the age of 74. To be honest, I had seen it coming for a long time because he was really unwell, however, whenever I think of boxing, I think of him. I grew up knowing that he was personally the best boxer out there and he has since become a cultural icon to people, both inside and outside the ring. Some of the boys at college idolize him, my history teacher at my last school had a huge poster of him on the back of his classroom door and I always think of Muhammad Ali as the nearly undefeatable, tough as nails championship boxer, which he was.

It’s always very sad when legendary sportspeople, champions, actors and entertainers die. Although I don’t like boxing, Muhammed Ali was hugely inspiring. I also saw a very sad picture of the old him with the young him ready for a match. That definetly thumped me right in the heart.

R.I.P Muhammad Ali.



Going to take a break from blogging until the end of the month/beginning of February so that I can finish some college work, schedule some blogposts and de cancel my mum’s party/movie night (not how it sounds).

Until then, have fun!

Happy 2016

2015 has been an eventful year. I’ve moved to college (post 16 education, not university) after I didn’t quite make it to sixth form (too many people and I don’t like that many people anyway) made three or four amazing friends (most of them are guys) and left the tight realms of secondary school.

I would have done a top 5 films of 2015 but the only film released this year that I’ve seen is Spectre and that would be number 1 with no explanation whatsoever. Opinions vary but I loved the movie.

Anyway, I hope that 2016 will be another good year. I would be at the legal age to drive in the UK as of August 2016. By the end of this year, I would hope to have passed first year at college, completed at least one of my stories and it is scary think that we are only 11 years away from the events of V For Vendetta and Children of Men (Quite a bit of the events in both films are going on in the world at the moment). I haven’t made any New Years resolutions yet and I might change throughout the course of the year so I can’t promise anything.

Have a good 2016.

DVD collection part II

Lord of The Rings Trilogy- 


This successful trilogy is probably one of my favorite film trilogies ever. I like stepping into the hobbit and Elf world Middle Earth for 8 hours+. My favorite films out of the trilogy are the first and the last LOTR film while the second one sticks the two together. I can also quote LOTR fairly fluently but among my friends and people that I know, there is a very divided opinion into who likes it and who doesn’t.

The Matrix-


The Matrix has played a part in terms of the inspiration and influence for my dystopian story. It is about a computer hacker called Neo (Keanu Reeves) who lives in a parallel universe where humans are machines and highly trained agents led by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) are after him. It stars Laurence Fishbourne as Morpheus and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo’s girlfriend Trinity. I personally found that this movie was good because Trinity wasn’t a sexual object and she kicked butts as a strong female charecter.

Miranda Series 1-3-


Miranda is a TV series about a tall woman called Miranda (Miranda Hart) who desperately tries to fit in with adulthood, long term crushes etc. The final episode aired earlier this year and it never fails to make my mum and I laugh.

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest- 


Jack Nicholson plays Randall Murphy, a guy who checks into a mental hospital to question his sanity. I originally watched this film to vary my film tastes and the film itself is quite good although not all of those sorts of films appeal to me, although I like some of the older films because newer films only want to pack some pop culture references into their movies. It also stars Christopher Lloyd from Back to The Future and Back to The Future and one of the charecters, the terrifying Nurse Ratched is apparently the most famous female villain in cinema (I heard it from somewhere, I can’t remember where).

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- 


The Perks of being a Wallflower is about a socially awkward high school first year/freshman called Charlie (Logan Lerman) who makes friends with a girl called Sam (Emma Watson) and a guy called Patrick (Ezra Miller). I read the original book before watching the film and I watched the film a while ago so I don’t remember too much of it. Ok, it is overridden with high school cliches but I did find that it was an ok film that made me laugh at times.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert- 


This movie is directed by Stephen Elliott and it is classed as an LGBT film. It is about three drag queens named Mitzi (Hugo Weaving), Felicia (Guy Pearce) and transgender Bernadette (Terence Stamp) who go across the Australian outback. I have made many people watch it and I saw a very interesting documentary about it several months ago. I have also told some people how jealous I am because the three male leads look better in dresses and bright costumes than I do and it has a brilliant soundtrack to back up an equally brilliant movie.

The Railway Man-


Railway Man is a true story based on Lomax’s memoir about a man called Eric Lomax in World War II who worked for Burma Railway and got tortured. I personally preferred the memoir but the film does not water anything down, romanticize it or sugar coat it with unrealistic scenarios in World War II. The movie adaptation stars Colin Firth, Jeremy Irvine and Nicole Kidman.

Remember Me- 


I don’t think a single viewing of this film goes by without me feeling really sad as a result of watching it. Robert Pattinson stars as a troubled young man called Tyler who falls in love with Ally (Emilie De Ravin), a girl who is trying to connect with her father after her mother died when she was younger. Robert Pattinson did this one at the height of his Twilight fame and he did fairly well.

The Rover-

the rover

 David Michod directs The Rover, a movie that consists of Guy Pearce asking others to find the men who stole his car, usually at gunpoint, and he comes across Rey (Robert Pattinson), the dim brother of one of the thieves. I think Guy Pearce is a really good actor but Robert Pattinson is so brilliant in this one, despite his questionable southern accent. While Maps to the Stars and Cosmopolis are not very good films, The Rover is good because I like most of the movies set in the Australian outback because they are usually small films.

Saving Mr Banks- 


Emma Thomson gives a compelling performance of the uptight and bitter Mary Poppins author P.L Travers, who sells her rights so that her book can be made into the film Mary Poppins. The film divides between P.L Travers as a heartless individual to scenes from when she was younger then you wonder why she ended up like that. It is a sweet little film and Tom Hanks brings his performance as Walt Disney to the absolute best that there can ever be. Also stars some other well known faces such as Jason Swartsman, B.J Novak and Paul Giamatti.

The Sixth Sense- 


My older sister hates this film but I don’t mind it too much, as long as I watch it in the middle of the day. Haley Joel Osment stars as Cole, a little boy who can see dead people and seeks the help of a child psychologist called Malcolm (Bruce Willis). I suppose this movie does know how to scare you and make you jump from the perfectly timed jump cuts. Haley Joel Osment was considerably good in this role and he had more ways of acting than ‘look shocked’ or ‘look scared’. I also like some of Bruce Willis’ stuff like Sin City etc and he was brilliant as Malcolm.

Still Alice- 

still alice film

Julianne Moore stars in this film about a woman called Alice who is diagnosed with Alziemers at the age of fifty. I read the original novel before watching the movie and I cannot decide which one is better but Julianne Moore suited the role considering that I read the book knowing that she was going to play Alice.

V For Vendetta- 


V For Vendetta is within my top 10 favourite movies. It is basically about a masked man who goes by the name V (Hugo Weaving) whos plan is to ignite a revolution with the help of a young working class girl called Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) to get revenge on those who disfigured and tortured him. I’ve watched it so many times that I can quote it fluently and I can’t even remember why I like it so much, but I like the symbolism and the action scenes and the diologue and I don’t think anyone can ever play V quite like Hugo Weaving does. This is also the film that I was originally scared by due to the masks but I also got really into Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving’s work.

Warm Bodies- 


Warm Bodies is basically Twilight but with zombies instead of vampires. It stars John Malkovich and Nicholas Hoult. While I do not think of it as more than a sweet little film for teenagers, it is an ok movie and Nicholas Hoult has certainly become more fit since he was in About a Boy (commonly known as growing up) so that’s probably one of the main reasons why people watch it.

Water For Elephants- 


I think this is the movie that got me into Robert Pattinson’s work and where I found out about Christoph Waltz. I also remember when it was out about four years ago and I collected stills from the film as posters. Robert Pattinson plays a vet student who runs away to the circus in the Great Depression and falls in love with the ringleaders wife Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Admittedly, I do not watch it as much as I used to, but when I do, it brings me back to when I used to watch it all the time. I also read the book before I watch the film but luckily the film waters to book down to find an appropriate audience. Robert Pattinson was brilliant as Jacob and I prefer watching his outside of twilight roles because he brings more promise to his work, and I like how Christoph Waltz has that evil glint that he never has in photo shoots or interviews and only has it in most of his films.

The Zero Theorem- 


Christoph Waltz stars in one of his only films after 2009 where the only thing that he wants to kill is his computer. The Zero Theorem is about a hairless man called Qohen Leth who seeks to prove a theorem and waits for a phone call to tell him the meaning of life while isolating himself in a chapel. It is an interesting film with a good color scheme and Christoph Waltz actually co-produced it but unless you like his acting or Terry Gilliam, you might not like it.

DVD collection part 1

I collect DVDs. Alot of them, so much so that my DVDs and my books are the only thing in precise order. If you have read my previous posts, then I have written about nearly all of the movies before, and if you haven’t, I personally find it better to write them rather than explain it in a Youtube video. It’s always like a mini HMV on my DVD bookshelf.

Big Eyes-


Big Eyes is directed by Tim Burton and stars Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. It is about paintings of children with huge eyes and a dispute over who painted them, whether it was Margaret or Walter Keane. It is very much a docudrama and Christoph Waltz tended to overreact and recycle his Hans Landa role but I liked how he descended into pure madness throughout the course of the film, although I did find him a bit creepy to start with anyway and his charm was secretly manipulating. As for Amy Adams, she was an example of some sort of independent woman. I liked it because Tim Burton stepped out of his comfort zone and the color scheme was interesting because it looked like an actual painting.



Another Christoph Waltz movie but this time, Roman Polanski directs it. Carnage is based on the play ‘God of Carnage’, and it is about two sets of parents who meet about a fight between their respective sons. I haven’t seen it in a while and I remember it being really slow throughout its short duration.

Catch Me If You Can-


I think that the last time I watched this was on holiday last year. However, that is not the point. Steven Spielberg (a personal favorite)  directs this biographical drama about Frank Abagnale Jr (Leonardo DiCaprio) who pretends to have all these careers and forged money etc, all before he turned eighteen. Considering that it has a good cast to include DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, it is a good movie already, and sometimes it made me laugh.

Children of Men-


This is definitely one of my favorites, and everything in it is all too relevant. It is directed by Alfonzo Cuaron. To put it simply, Theo (Clive Owen) helps the first pregnant woman Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) in eighteen years in a post apocalyptic world of 2027. I have avoided mostly all the reviews and some of the interviews so that I could stay interested in the film for as long as possible, and apparently my cousin was part of the behind the scenes location process. I liked it because it is intelligent and realistic because it can happen any day and there is no hiding from it. It is one of the more intelligent dystopians and avoids the cliches of kicking butts and focuses more on how to survive when there is no hope for the future. Some people interpret Theo as a Jesus figure who dies to save humanity but I am simply amazed by the many interpretations that you can have with this film. plus, I personally think that Clive Owen is a really good actor and there isn’t any reason for it, except for his compelling screen prescence.

Dead Poet’s Society-


This movie coins the phrase ‘carpe diem’ which is used as a phrase in a majority of poems. It is about an English teacher played by Robin Williams who inspires a class full of gifted young boys in a strict all male boarding school. My sister got me the DVD as a present shortly after Robin Williams passed away, so it was a good little tribute to him when it contained some inspirational messages, telling us to ‘seize the day, make your life extraordinary’. It also has the young Ethan Hawke and Robert Sean Leonard, who were considerably good, and this film is probably the reason for my interest in studying and writing poetry.

Ender’s Game- 


Asa Butterfield stars in the adaptation of the Orson Scott Card book of the same name. I read the book and saw the film, and I remember that the film squeezes in and cuts huge chunks out of the book but still manages to scrape enough footage together to give justice to the book. Asa Butterfield was very good in the film and it also stars Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin.

The Great Gatsby-


Baz Luhmann always has some way of interpreting something into a colorful and over the top display of a movie with hidden dark tones. One of my friends got this for me along with the theatrical poster several years ago. Leonardo DiCaprio was a good choice for the rich man and I love the soundtrack, the cinematography, the costumes, the actors etc. My favourite scene is the party scene because all the energy seemed to be released into that one scene and makes you feel like you’re at a rich man’s party.

Good Will Hunting-


I’ll admit that I haven’t watched this one all the way through. It’s not that I hate the movie or anything but I can never really finish it. Good Will Hunting is about a gifted mathematician who needs to find direction in his life. Robin Williams was very good in his role, as was the young Matt Damon, but I felt that I didn’t care for the characters.

Horrible Bosses 1+2- 


I don’t think either of the two movies did very well at the box office, but I’m not interested in box office records when it comes to this film because both of the movies make me laugh. The actors, the comic timing, the comedy (rather crude and slightly unoriginal stuff is usually best if it is in the right context). Christoph Waltz was in the second one and he did a good job considering that he was only there because he’s Christoph Waltz.

Hunger Games-


I read the Suzanne Collins novel a long while ago and I haven’t seen the film in ages but I am a huge fan of the dystopian genre, having to fight to the death and stuff. Jennifer Lawrence is an incredible and stunning actress who has the capability of being a strong character. I haven’t seen any of the sequels either but these sorts of films are very popular because they don’t pretend to be something that they are not.

If I Stay-


 If I Stay is about a young cellist called Mia (Chloe Grace-Moretz) and her decision to stay for the sake of her future after a car crash in a life and death situation. I had read the book before watching the film and I was surprised how it could be delivered onto the screen, although at times, it took inspiration from other movies like Ghost etc.

The Illusionist-


 I think I wrote about this movie in one of my first blog posts over two years ago. I haven’t seen it that many times since but it is about a magician in the late Victorian times played by Edward Norton and it stars the ever-stunning Jessica Biel. At one point, it was one of my favourite films but it isn’t anymore.



I personally found that this was a really meaty film and I had to watch it in two parts because it was so long (although I could probably watch LOTR in one sitting). Inception is mostly about dreams and subconsciousness and it was interesting to look into all the symbolism (the spinning top) and it is one of those movies that gets you thinking in depth. Not only that, it also has very good cinematography.

Leon: The Professional- 


I only really watched this because I wanted to see Natalie Portman in a role before stuff like Star Wars. Leon is about a hitman and a orphan, who seeks revenge on those who killed her family. Some aspects seem a bit weird considering that they involve a twelve year old and a forty year old, and I think it would have never dared to have been attempted in the 21st Century. Natalie Portman tackled such a huge topic while she was still really young and she is still healthier than nearly all the former child actors.

Blogger Recognition Awards



How my blog got started: Back in June 2013, my sister helped me to set up a film blog due to my immense obsession with films, tv series, music and books, and I got the name 21st century girl not from the Willow Smith song but because I only remember the 21st Century.

Advice for new and upcoming bloggers:

1.) Don’t treat blogging like a chore- Blogging is meant to be a fun activity and hobby where you get to share your thoughts on whatever you want with other people, not a chore that has to be done at a precise moment while being strapped to a chair.

2.) Have fun- Do not take it too seriously unless you want to and have fun with the oppurtunity to share your thoughts on things whether it is a film blog, baby blog etc.

3.) Update regularly and don’t give up blogging just because someone didn’t read it, write because you want to, not to get noticed but you will get regular readers.

I nominate:

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by livsworldofbooks to do the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you livsworldofbooks, your blogposts are amazing.

Answers to the questions by livsworldofbooks:

1.) Favourite book? Either Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella or The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

2) Best sandwich filling? Coronation chicken or lettuce.

3) Do you have a coping mechanism for stressful situations? I either write or take a break  from it.

4) Favourite fast food restaurant? McDonalds

5) What is your favourite past time? Writing stories or watching movies.

6) If you could breed any two animals together, what would they be?  A leopard and a tiger (Leoger) .

7) What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? Cookie Crisp cereal.

8) What is the weather like where you are at the moment? Hot and Sunny for a change.

9) What is the last thing you ate? Fish and Chips.

10) Favourite colour? Purple.

11) Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?  I have about eight guinea pigs.

I nominate:

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Questions for the people that I have nominated:

1.) Favourite movies?

2.) Favourite book?

3.) If you could go forward or back to any time period (i.e 1920 or 2020) where would you go?

4.) Favourite cartoon charecter?

5.) Do you have any siblings?

6.) Guilty pleasure?

7.) If you could have a dinner party with 5 famous people (actor, actresses or musicians etc, dead or alive) who would you invite?

8.) If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the two items that you would survive on (provided that there was nowhere to plug in your phone etc)?

9.) PC or Mac?

10.) Best and worst pizza topping?

11.) If you could marry any fictional character, would would it be?





This is my new blog, where I will review my favourite films, music and TV. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. 😀