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Month: October, 2013




Halloween is actually an American festival. You see it in every American film {Diary Of a Wimpy Kid in particular} Personally, I prefer bonfire night so I don’t even need to think of Vendetta masks {those masks freak me out} or the thought of a overemphasized day with origins from witches and stuff. Believe it or not, Halloween actually means Holy Evening.

Pumpkins. The result of them, however, is rather elegant when it has a light in it only to see it rot in the most precious part of my garden up to two weeks later. Halloween really only lasts 24 hours, like any other day, why make a huge fuss?  



Christoph Waltz

What fascinates me amongst my large interest in movies is how there are actors who are discovered all the time, both young, old and foreign, or not from countries such as America, Canada, UK, America etc. From Jean Dujardin (main guy from the Artist) and Penelope Cruz, these people are not originating from America etc and not paraded in the public eye as much just for walking out of a coffee shop.

In particular, Christoph Waltz, a 57 year old German-Austrian actor who has been in box office flops where he outshines the basic story line, foreign films as well as films such as Django Unchained of which he has won an award or two for and has only broken onto the scene five years ago or so.

I first became interested in his films when I watched Water For Elephants, mostly for Robert Pattinson because I actually heard about it in a magazine, and is about a circus vet who falls in love with a circus performer in the Great Depression only to be under the wrath of a paranoid schizophrenic, of which Waltz plays.

In my opinion, from all the films I’ve seen of his (The English ones, not the ones which were foreign and early in his career, which are in German and I don’t know much German) he plays and presents his parts in a way that makes people scared.

My Favourite film of his out of all 5 1/2 of them which I have seen other than the trailer is Epic (see Epic by izzie b aka 21st century girl for more information) not only because it is an excellent film, but it’s for all ages and I personally find he’s better in animated movies than any other film he’s in.

Some may argue, that aside from all the films he’s done and acceptance speeches, he is a nobody to those not familiar to his work, mostly because he is more in American stuff and foreign movies, for example, I don’t think everyone’s cup of tea is a Tarantino film and a billionth adaptation of The Three Musketeers.


2013 acceptance speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWdn7pFmtdQ

2010 acceptance sppech:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ZEeYcSb6M

Asa Butterfield

As Ender’s Game is coming out literally next week, I decided to talk about it’s main star, 16 year old Asa Butterfield, a young actor who’s films I have admired since I was in primary school. 

Raised in Islington, London, he, like other actors, is a normal person in reality and will hopefully not fall down a River Phionex/ Macaulay Culkin path and like said actors, will be in rehab in the near future but as mentioned in a couple of interviews, he has school and A levels to fall back on. 

I am not trying to sound like a film person at all, but I first became interested in him when watching The Boy with The Striped Pyjamas, when he was merely a 10 year old boy actor with dreams and possibilities to become big someday (Goes for Isabelle Allen from Les Miserables 2012 as well). From that starting point, he starred in Merlin playing Mordred and The Wolfman to name a few. Prior to that, he was a normal kid attending acting classes. 

By the time I watched Nanny McPhee and The Big bang and Hugo, two of his later films, he had grown a great deal and was showing comparison to actors much older than him. A normal looking teenage boy who probably likes the odd party and Stars Wars movie who has worked with Martin Scorsese and has Co-starred with Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford is not what you see everyday.   

In my opinion, I can see him in ten years or so bearing similarities to Elijah Wood or David Tennant, but on the other hand, thee only criticism I must say about him is that he is merely a still little known teenage actor, not many people have heard of him aside from people who have seen his films and people who go to school with him (to be honest, I think that’s best so fame doesn’t get to his head and ruins another amazing actor) though others may agree that he has gone a long way from that floppy haired innocent son of a Nazi in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. 


Here is a video clip of an interview where he talks about his upcoming film Ender’s Game. 





The Wanted- Show me love {America}

Despite previous interpretations of past top boy bands- this song shows off their more natural Westlife/ Take That in their new song which {spoilers} judging by the video and lyrics in general, it is about a guy losing and regretting everything he has for a woman to simply show him love or vice versa, with each member of The Wanted playing a passer by and to show off acting skills that they have never shown before. Together, they get wet in suits, Jay pre- daft haircut pretending to be a hobo and a glamorous actress 

Filmed in Black and White, the song and video that goes with it creates a moody atmosphere along with backing violins to put across a mood that they haven’t even explored before, a far cry from up beat nightclub/ disco songs of theirs such as We Own The Night or Glad You Came, which nearly all involve partying and bikini clad women. Show Me Love {America} personally takes me back to their Heart Vacancy days. 

On the other hand, this song, just like every other song they do, will create criticism that make them look like outsiders who can’t make music just because they’re not exactly the most squeaky clean of boy-bands- their media created music ‘rivals’ {Hi One Direction} but whatever they do, the media will always pick holes in The Wanted’s music even if they do get a dozen Number Ones.

In my opinion, I think this song is beyond boundaries brilliant and shows something that does not always take place in a nightclub but instead sees them as smartly dressed men in suits. The one thing that I must criticize is the lack of Siva solos {the soft voiced, part Sri Lankan, Irish one} make him look more of a backing singer than a member. If rated, it would be a definite ten out of ten.

I should have shown you America, all the bright lights in the universe, I could have reached the highest tower, a different place, a different eye

Show Me Love {America} is one of the many tracks on their new album Word Of Mouth.