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Month: January, 2014

Outnumbered series 5 Episode 1



Pete, Sue, Jake, Ben and Karen (otherwise known as the Brockmans) are back after a long awaited series 5. Long gone are the days of Karen’s blonde hair, Ben faffing around with a toy gun and Jake being that floppy haired moody boy, and in it’s place are three teenagers and two middle aged parents. I am sorry to say this but any comedy writer can do a comedy series about  teenage children and middle aged parents, examples including now-axed My Family and probably 2point4Children. 

I waited for this series to come. I counted down the days, hours, minutes until I could finally watch the final series of the programme that I actually enjoy sometimes. All I got was two whiny parents complaining about everything, and a programme too quiet and dry to watch. On the bright side, middle son Ben has turned into a promising tall fittie version of an Alan Davies look a like and it it as if all of them have grown up on BBC1 and it is like they have never left.

SPOILERS: So Jake has got a tattoo which is from a cheap tattoo parlour in camden market. Ben is auditioning and eventually wins the part of Spartacus, despite the parents realizing that from previous occasions that he ‘sounds like a walrus’. Karen is trying to fit into secondary school with little luck (we’ve all been there).


There’s something about Outnumbered that is somewhat relatable. Now that they are all teenagers, it creates a new and last chapter to people who love Outnumbered, and although it is an alright episode it is good that is coming to an end- just imagine three kids still living in the house in their mid twenties. 

Despite previous critisms, it is a good start to a series that has been promised and long awaited. 



5 ways to get over the death of a relative or pet



Nobody likes to say goodbye to the people that they love. Nobody expects to have to say goodbye to someone that they have literally known all their live. For the last year or so it has happened to me. 

My dog died last February, and although I should really move on, there is no way to do so. A dog is with you for ever, as of an old relative; Recently my great aunt died as well, and although I don’t really remember her that much, it’s upsetting realizing that our usually healthy family just has to move on and face the loss.

From experience, grief is a long, tedious and depressing period of time, where often you wish the person or animal which has died would just come back and give you a cuddle after a long day, or those dog paws that pattered along the ground will never be heard again. If you are going through this tough time, here are a couple of things that will help you get through that stage.

1.) Realize that maybe the particular person or animal was probably in alot of pain prior to its death

Not trying to be horrible or disrespectful at all, but maybe they had some sort of disease for years before they died and it was just better that they passed on. I hate the idea of death, of fatal diseases, who likes the idea that their relative or pet, that they have loved and cared for for years has to be taken to somewhere supposedly heavenly and stuff that you’ll never see again.

2.) Don’t get another dog until you feel like you are ready for another one

Dogs take a long time to get over, and even so you never can. I personally find it quite disrespectful if you get another dog within 1-5 years after the death of your last one, in fact, divert to another pet such as a cat or smaller animal if preferred but generally, buying another animal is only covering up the animal loss, not getting over it.

3.) Write about it- Poems, stories, the lot. It may be emotional for you, sometimes I would write about my dog in a poem or whatever then it would hurt too much to carry on- same goes for my great aunt really.

4.) Keep something of theirs- I think there’s still my dog’s basket somewhere and my great aunt use to be an artist so we have her paintings hanging up around the house. A great person is not the same person once their memory goes, or a pet is not the same pet when you can see they’re getting older by the day.

5.)  Remember that they are not gone- They may not wake up or fall asleep on your bed ever again (pets), but in actual fact they are nearby. Believe me, hearing that your pet has died is the worse, and when my mum was frantically calling the animal shelter I wished that I could just hear her bark again, or when my sister told me that our great aunt had died. I am older now than when I saw my great aunt last, and if she was alive and very pre- alziemers/dementia I wish I could have shown her my drawings that I love doing every now and then. Don’t forget them and I am sure you’ll be fine. 

Thanks for reading!



5 reasons why I blog.

Ever since my sister helped me to set up my WordPress account back in June, I have been interested to show my personal opinions about movies, actors and occasionally music. So, why do I blog?

1.) Watching the views numbers and the number of followers going up boosts  confidence- one of the best things about blogging is when you write a post and suddenly people start to like it.

2.) Learning what readers like- Obviously I’ve written blogposts that appeal to the wrong age group of people on this site, such as McFly and the latest The Wanted album, and since that I have realized that those sort of things only get one view at the most and maybe a post about Nelson Mandela and Asa Butterfield get quite a lot of traffic because maybe that’s what people like to read about. 

3.) I sometimes suggest to others that they should start- Since my sisters and my younger brother have started blogging, my friend has started blogging too and I suggested that maybe she should write about her sibling who has special needs from a perspective that is never usually looked at. The result was brilliant and if you have the chance, get your friends into it as well.

4.) Improves writing skills- sounds a bit like what a teacher might say or whatever but blogging is the most effective way in this day and age to put yourself and your blogs out there for everyone to see and often to relate to.

5.) Reading other people’s blogs- To get inspiration I actually read other people’s blogs, not only for the context but the way that they write it. I have read some that  share how they deal with a particular problem they have while others write food blogs.

Thanks for reading.


Back to the future Part II


Marty, Doc and the Delorean return in the second part of the hit 80’s film time travelling franchise. 2015 it is and Marty walks into a world of flying cars and hoverboards. Technology has developed and so has the characters- Marty now has a son and his sons bullies are tempting him to rob a store. Biff, one of the bullies, is now a billionare who uses girls because he’s made of money and owns a casino. 

Back to the Future Part II is actually my favourite out of the three movies. Not only for its naivety of the future- if it was the 80s way of living we’ll be flying in flying cars by now, but moreover that I just like the way the film is, the way that you can step into a world of flying cars then after an hour and a half or so then the film ends but the image of futuristic technology is still there. Obviously, my younger brother and older sister loves all the movies so I have taken an interest in the films too. The Back to the future films are an absolute classic which I could probably never get bored of, not only because of the choice of cast, but the fact that its older than a new movie.

There’s nothing bad to say about it, we probably wouldn’t have hoverboards by next year but hey, it’s a movie, it’s not real, why don’t people accept that. 

If I would rate this movie, it would be an 8/10. Thanks for reading.


RIP Roger Lloyd Pack



Roger Lloyd Pack died yesterday as a result of pancreatic cancer at the age of 69. He was known as the farmer Owen Newitt from Vicar of Dibley and Trigger from Only Fools and Horses. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I realized once the credits rolled in a programme I watch when I’m bored  on Youtube called The Gravy Train Goes east of which he was in. 

Other than that he played played Barty Crouch Snr in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, my all time favourite Harry Potter movie and all I could see him in was The Vicar of Dibley. I haven’t seen anything else with him in it aside from those three but I think he will always be remembered for his amazing stage presence.

Roger Lloyd Pack RIP-  February 1944-January 2014  

Back to The Future



Never has a time travelling film or franchise worked to the extent of this film. Some time travel films are simply corny, some are instantly forgettable, some are what you wouldn’t want to waste two hours watching. Back to The Future is not one of them. My brother loves Back To the Future so I would often watch bits of it, but never all the way through as such.

Back to the future (as many of you already know) is about a teenage boy named Marty McFly (Micheal J Fox) who is sent back by accident to 1955 instead of staying in 1985 in a time travelling car, (known as the Delorean) invented by his eccentric white haired friend Doctor Emmett Brown (often called Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd), of said car goes at 88 mph and wishes for his parents who were then in high school to unite, often with weird consequences and the target of tough bullies Biff and his gang.


This film is actually rather hilarious and I can see why it was one of the biggest movies of the 80’s that everyone loved. However, I found that most of the lines were rather stalkerish- if some guy who looked exactly like you came to your door and dictated your future it would be rather weird, and it is likely that you would slam the door in his face.

Micheal J Fox works for this film. He is a perfect example of someone who would go back anywhere and is the target of bullies because of his short stature and put across as a bit of a wimp. Whenever I watch this movie I always find it rather good, thinking, what if you went back in time and met someone who neither of you had any idea that you were related to them, an example of which that George McFly has no idea that Marty is his son.


I like how Back to The Future often uses archive footage (footage filmed prior) to connect the past to the present, or the present to the future, such as when he sees himself shot by terrorists and blends into the second Back to the future film. The picture which is often seen and some parts of it disappear is a good effect which shouldn’t be copied without it looking corny. If you havent’t seen Back To The Future, I would suggest that you should watch it.

The only downsides to this film is that I generally prefer the second one because people haven’t seen the future yet. Other than that, it’s a classic movie that only works because it’s reasonably grounded (not full of awkward scenes or major battle scenes).



House Rules by Jodi Picoult


I brought this book just before I went for my annual French summer holiday with my family in about July/August time 2013. As I read it, I was interested in the way that they put the condition across and how everyone doesn’t understand it when it comes to a court of law, soon finishing the book in two days. Having read it now five times, I have decided to write about it. 

SPOILERS: House Rules is about an 18 year old boy called Jacob who has a fascination with forensic science, reguarly watches a fictional programme called Crime Busters and  has Aspergers Syndrome (a type of ‘high functioning’ autism, as the book quotes regularly) who is accused of murdering his social skills tutor only because he turned up at the crime scene and knew everything from the TV series that he had watched, and how he can’t look at people in the eye, while the police gett evidence from the quilt he left wrapped at the scene and he is eventually proved not guilty.

Aside from the fact that House Rules is interesting to read about someone with Aspergers and to read about someone who doesn’t have the condition, I found that it was fairly offensive in some parts (especially because a friend of mine knows/is related to people with autism/Aspergers), like regularly calling the lead an offensive name for people with a low IQ. 

I don’t like this book very much to be honest. An good read but I think its a bit weird that they just had to put in a relationship between the lawyer and the divorced mother who had to swear that her son was not guilty to maybe fill the empty gap and to maybe spice it up a bit.  The novel is ok in terms of showing maybe what someone with Aspergers would react to maybe being faced with something that isn’t a movie, and an account of an almost average teenage brother faced with challenges. 

Overall, I would give this book a 2/5.           

Top 5 films and songs of 2013

 Although 2013 ended 4 days ago, nothing much has obviously happened this year as it has only just started aside from the death of that Bel- Air guy (Not Will Smith). Since fairly good films came out last year, along with brilliant songs, I have decided to review my personal top 5 favourite songs and 5 favourite films of 2013.


1.) Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey supplied her husky, rather ghostly voice for the soundtrack of the successful Baz Luhmann adaptation of Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The vintage backing track to Rey’s normally upbeat tunes provide a 1920’s sound to fit into the movie and make it not too modern. If it was anyone else providing the song it would not work because only she can make the song work.

2.) The Wanted- Show Me Love (America)


The Wanted turn moody with this violin rich ballad. Although it didn’t get to Number 1, it reminds me of their Heart Vacancy days only this song is a bit more mature and is more emotional if it is not your best day, especially the violins that create a solemn effect compared to their normally upbeat music. There is no point comparing them to any other boy band before them because they are individual.

3.) Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty


This song is actually rather rude, not so much Jason Derulo’s part but more 2 Chainz explicit rap in the middle, which,to be honest ruins the base of the song. Other than that, it is actually rather catchy despite it’s innuendo lyrics and Derulo’s dance moves are good for the type of song. 

4.) Mirrors- Justin Timberlake


JT goes a different way in this song. Rather than dancing around girls that are younger than him, he creates a song that is actually dedicated to his wife. Although this song is often overplayed on the radio, there is nothing about it that is pointless or boring about it. The video for this song is rather interesting, an old woman looking back on her life, effective, and classic. Symbolic, the often noticeable ring that falls into Timberlake’s hand at the end. 

5.)  Royals- Lorde


Another teenage artist comes along and everyone loves them for their innocent voice and squeaky clean image. Then they go downhill. Lorde; Unlikely. Although she is only 16 or 17 she is probably likely to be singing until she’s old. Her single Royals is sweet, meaningful, and calm compared with the R’n’B that takes over the music channels. You can somewhat relate to her song and she shouldn’t be compared to anyone, because she’s individual, and as long as the media doesn’t ruin her like they did to Justin Bieber (why I am comparing Lorde to Justin Bieber I do not know). 


1.) The Great Gatsby


Having reviewed this film already, there isn’t anything else to say about it other than that the soundtrack fits in with the complex topic in the film, the dangers and bright sides of the 20’s. Generally glamorous film that is not biased at all so they don’t just show the glamour of parties but the cold blooded husbands of dazzling women. The only problem with Great Gatsby is you can’t take Tobey McGuire seriously; and Leo DiCaprio’s accent is dodgy in terms of keeping it (old sport). 

2.) Star Trek Into Darkness


Benedict Cumberbatch is anything but Sherlock in this sequel to 2009’s Star Trek. Eye candy everywhere in the Enterprise which makes something like Star Trek  appealing to everyone. I think this film is cleverly done despite the fact I previously never have any interest in sci-fi movies. 

3.) Epic


The all- star cast makes this movie appealing, even if it is a children’s movie. A good kid’s film should be made up of at least 1 Oscar winner, at least 1 singer, a TV judge and a couple good looking/ pretty actors or actresses all with good voices for an animated film. This movie is hilarious and not just for children, but for all ages.

4.) The Croods


I saw this with my brother and Mum when it came out in the cinema, and it was actually rather funny. Yes, cavemen would not do what they do in the film, but this movie, despite being animated, requires animation and a sense of humour, Not one for a ‘keyboard warrior’.

5.) Warm Bodies


I don’t like or watch zombie movies but this one is an exception, especially if it is a awkward-turned-fit actor such as Nicholas Hoult in the lead male role. This is slightly more toned down than any other zombie film, maybe a Twilight but with zombies and no cheating scandals behind it. It’s a bit clichéd sometimes, the whole romance genre is, and this movie is good if you are a teenager, live with a teenager, or love Nicholas Hoult, or if you don’t want to/ don’t like something higher like Shaun Of The Dead or World War Z.