John Hurt


I woke up to the news that John Hurt had sadly died at the age of 77. He was the sort of actor who was so diverse in his acting range that you probably wouldn’t guess that he played so many different kind of roles in his life time. He portrayed John Merrick in The Elephant Man, he was in Doctor Who, he was Mr. Ollivander in Harry Potter, he was in Alien as the guy who had the alien bursting out of his stomach, V For Vendetta, 1984 and Perfume amongst many other roles. I also distinctly remember him being on the TV show Who do you think you are? He came across as being a distinguished looking old man who has played more characters than you have ever cared to imagine.

I do not know which film of his is my favourite, but it is most likely to be The Elephant Man because of the screen prescence and emotion that he put into his role. He was one of those actors who delivered raw intensity to every role of his, which probably explained why his career was so long, and he never really played the same person again and again. He was actually an incredibly good actor and he was one of my favourite actors as well. I would have loved to have met him just to say thank you. Luckily he got and actually deserved a knighthood. He was one of those actors who was in every film that you could imagine but he was never once an annoying character in any way. I am yet to see one of his most recent films, a Natalie Portman film called Jackie but I’m sure that it would be a sweet tribute to watch it. It was also quite ironic that he played Winston Smith in 1984, and switched round so that he led a very Orwellian society in V For Vendetta. Pancreatic cancer has also killed Patrick Swayze, Steve Jobs and Rex Harrison.

Rest in Peace, John Hurt.