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Month: March, 2014

Ender’s Game



 I find it hard to respect someone just because they outrank me, sir. Ender Wiggin


Firstly, I’ve been so busy with work and drama that I haven’t really spared a moment to write any posts for the last couple of weeks. Anyway, I think one of the most interesting genres which haven’t really been overused is the sci fi genre, and when I saw that Ender’s Game was out I decided to watch it. 

Ender’s game, based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, is about a gifted boy called Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin who is recruited by the International military to fight against an alien race from a previous alien invasion. He eventually becomes a leader, despite being belittled earlier on. As a fan of Asa Butterfield, I think his choice of film to star in this sort of movie is better than some of the family friendly movies that he has starred in previously (Hugo, Nanny McPhee 2). The use of colour (orange for earth and lots of blue for zero gravity) shows the difference between safety and intense moments. 

I read the book prior to buying the film, and to be honest there was some parts of the book that would of made a good book to movie transition but never happened in the film. Despite the fact that in the novel, it spans from when he’s six to about twelve and in the film they focused on him being twelve, but maybe a small flashback could of fixed the stuff they missed out in the film.  At times it was slow, other times, especially in the Battle Room scenes, it was as if you could reach out and join them in zero gravity. 

If you want to see more Asa Butterfield movies, or like Harrison Ford Ben Kingsley, this is the film for you. The way they portray how kids are not trained to be kids, but to in fact kill, is somewhat different. In some ways it reminded me of zero gravity films like Star Trek.

It is a good film to watch if you want something different to watch, or enjoy this sort of genre. 



The Lego Movie



‘Introducing the double decker couch, so everyone can watch TV and be buddies,’

When I originally thought of watching The Lego Movie, I thought, ok, its going to be a boring, over the top loud film for people aged about 3-10 years old. Obviously not. My accusations were wrong. It is for any age, and stars good actors, like Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell.

 The Lego Movie is about a construction worker called Emmett who joins a quest to stop an evil mastermind Lord Business who (spoiler) is actually the president who’s actual name is Business Business Business.

The Lego Movie kept me laughing throughout all hour and forty minutes of it, and it certainly went down well with my 9 year old brother- who loves Lego, my Mum and older sister. It was entertaining to watch Batman have a good side to him as well. The use of toilet humour wasn’t overused and stupid (Honey, where are my paaaaaaaaaaaannnnts?), and never has a film ever persuaded me to buy a double decker couch, especially a children’s film. The Morgan Freeman character on a string was comical as well, never did I realize that he suited playing a Lego piece so much, especially after watching Million Dollar Baby. 


There were no screaming babies, and the only bad thing about this film is it dragged on in parts and the people on a date two rows in front who should just keep to themselves.  

Total for this film: 9/10  

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Outnumbered S5 Episode 5 and 6


Outnumbered has officially ended. Wednesday evenings will be empty, no Outnumbered to cheer us up from a long day and realize that they are probably going through the same thing. Anyway, enough with the sloppiness, here is a look back at the last two episodes of this award winning programme.

Episode 5  


My name is Lee. 

Bad phone signals, phone stolen by a foreigner, being stranded at the bus stop and talks with the headmistress cause problems in this episode. I must say that this episode was not one to relax to, but probably the most realistic in terms of disaster and probably at the point where Outnumbered needed to end. There’s not much to say about this episode, aside from the fact that it feels as if you’re in their position. It’s better when they’re grown up, because it is not as if you are watching little kids again and thinking They’re only kids. Karen was finally put in her place after years of winning arguments, but told by her headmistress that she is basically nothing and given a copy of the book  Lord Of The Flies. 

Episode 6 

Karen, why arn’t you in bed?” “Because I’m in the kitchen’

The last proper episode that Outnumbered will ever have. Auntie Angela has returned with her new American boyfriend (I think he was just put there as a filler), Grandad is ill (assumed from previous series from his dementia but was never seen on screen in this series), Ben has nerves about his performance of Spartacus.

I think they should have improved the ending slightly. It was very sweet about the play, but maybe rounded it off with Jake leaving, but maybe I can see why they didn’t. The hamster was found at last and we just had to say goodbye to them, whether we liked it or not. It’s been good while it’s on (plenty of fangirling of Ben and Jake if you’re under 17).

I don’t think they should have brought Stacey back. I thought she would stay well and truly out of reach, away from everyone, but again like Angela’s boyfriend she was slightly more of a background character.

Bye Outnumbered! (2007-2014)      

The Crash Episode 1


Intense, gripping and melancholy. The Crash is a two part TV movie that follows the story of a group of  friends who are involved in a car accident soon after their prom. My sister suggested that I should watch it as I am in fact writing a fairly short story about a car crash which I hope to put up sometime.  

Firstly, I thought it would be really predictable, like you would know what would happen in the final scene when watching a minute of it. It wasn’t, surprisingly, or one sided either. I made predictions and it turned out to be something completely different.  At the least of moment, the feel good prom scene was long gone, along with the bright engagement part, to be replaced with carnage, tension, and slight gore. Realistic.  I have never heard of any of the actors in it, which is good so I can focus more on how they act in a serious situation as it is apparently based on a true story. 

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it, although you might need several boxes if tissues because it grabs you by the throat by the end. The only problem with The Crash is sometimes it was a bit awkward or slow, but brilliant considering it is a BBC3 programme; oh yeah and there’s lots of eye candy so it doesn’t get boring.