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Month: March, 2016

Good-bye to all that by Robert Graves


I have an fairly big interest in World War I, but I prefer reading from the perspective of the soldiers who actually fought in it. They’re all long dead (last one died in 2009) but I still find it very interesting.

Goodbye to all that is an autobiography by the British World War I veteran Robert Graves and his time at Charterhouse school and his truthful memoir of fighting in the Great War. It’s only when you read the raw words of a man whos naivety was lost from the war when you literally stop what you’re doing and read his truthful story.

I read it as research for a story that I’m planning to do. Most of these veterans would have been lovely to meet but now we have to rely on autobiographies and old interviews as they are all long gone.

Brilliant book that captures unfiltered and unedited words from a man who was a source of history.



The First and Only by Dan Abnett

This book is the first of something like the 15 part Gaunts Ghost series, and it is a science fiction series set in a Warhammer universe.

I was asked to read the series by one of my best guy friends at college. Although the entire series is more suited towards men and boys than girls, it looked interesting and certainly avoided the cliches of science fiction. Certainly, the narrative is interesting. The entire book is pretty much war, and when they distract it slightly, there’s still war.

There’s about fifteen books in total for the entire Gaunts Ghosts series. I haven’t read them all yet but I am slowly getting through them. I like how the characters are flawed and three dimensional. Gaunt could be a scheming commissar on one hand and a secret softie with feelings on the other.


Inside Man (2006)


‘My name is Dalton Russell’

Inside Man is a film about a guy called Dalton Russell (who doesn’t repeat himself and he’s played by Clive Owen) whos brilliant plan to rob a bank turns into a hostage situation to be investigated by three police officers Detective Keith Frazier (Dezel Washington), Captain John Darius (Willem Dafoe) and Detective Bill Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a badass broker called Madeline White (Jodie Foster). The movie also stars Christopher Plummer.

It has an excellent go to cast, and although I’m being a bit one sided as Clive Owen is my favorite actor but he carried the whole film on his head, even though he spent half the movie in dark glasses, a black hoodie and white cloth over his mouth. He manipulates the audience, breaks the fourth wall, isn’t even scared of the results even if the police found him and he’s a scary and domineering character. Most of the other performances fell flat and it felt like they were playing alongside and Clive Owen could have just done a two hour duologue with Jodie Foster and Chiwetel Ejiofor because some of the scenes were a bit stringy and he had the police force wrapped round his little finger.

However, it was a decent film. It’s very relevant considering the hostage situations in various countries in the world at the moment but some of it was tiring. Maybe that was for an effect so that Dalton Russell is trying to make us feel weaker and vulnerable.