Happy Anniversary

by missizziemcguinness

It’s been three years since I started writing my blog. The years have certainly flown by and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on a film or book or tv show series or episode with everyone, combining my love of film and my obsession with writing in this one small humble little page.

My first blogpost was of the film The Illusionist. I admit, reading it back, that it is a highly embarrassing blogpost but the film is decent to some degree. My writing style has changed, my film tastes have changed and it is as if I can see my thirteen year old self tapping away at that keyboard, fangirling over Leonardo Dicaprio (which I believe was one of my early blogposts) and I’ve adapted to a new writing style every so often. You can definetly tell that a thirteen year old has written my early stuff.

I haven’t been very active on my blog recently because of college work, but by summer, I hope to update every few days with some cool (or rubbish) movies that I’ve watched.

If my blog was a person, it would be a little three year old kid.

Happy 3rd anniversary to 21st Century Girl.