Carrie Fisher

by missizziemcguinness


‘Why you half witted, stuck up, scruffy looking nerfherder!’

It is with great sadness that Carrie Fisher has sadly died at the age of 60. As most of you know, she was Princess Leia in the original Star Wars series, and she was also in The Force Awakens amongst many other things.

2016 has been a sad year for actors and singers etc. We’ve lost Prince, George Micheal, Alan Rickman, Bowie, the old lady from Vicar of Dibley and many others. The memorial part of the Oscars will be incredibly long.

Anyway, I admire Carrie Fisher, and I am not saying that because she died. She was incredibly badass in Star Wars, a series of films that I got into because my guy friends are obsessed with it. She turned away from all the assumptions of a woman’s portrayal in film. She has made an impact on both men and women in the geek and film culture. Some men like her and women would want to be her. She was one of my ultimate role models.  She has also written a fair share of autobiographies, and her legacy will be left for years to come. I will rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy and her other films and cameo in The Big Bang Theory with great sadness, along with refusing to unfollow her on Twitter despite the fact that she will never update it because of her death. Apart from fairytale Disney princesses, she was honestly one of my favourite princesses in film, and she appeared to work so well with all her co stars.

R.I.P Carrie Fisher, you will be missed. May the Force be with you always.