We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (TV movie)

by missizziemcguinness


‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt,’ 

We’re going on a Bear hunt is a short film based off the popular children’s book of the same name by Micheal Rosen. The short film stars Olivia Coleman and Pam Ferris amongst others.

My mum used to read myself and my four other siblings the original book when we were all little, so it was a pleasant surprise to have such a classic book adapted into a short but sweet film. I would probably not be taken seriously for reviewing an animated children’s film of this level, but it is for all ages. You could watch it with your children or reminisce on having it read to you when you were younger. Although Christmas Day was a day ago, we are simply spoilt for choice with Christmas television and movies.

The animation was simply beautiful and detailed and the baby and the dog were adorable. If you want a relaxing movie to unwind with, I would suggest that you should watch this one.