The Sound of Music (1965)

by missizziemcguinness


‘The hills are alive with the sound of music,’ 

The Sound of Music is about a nun called Maria (Julie Andrews) who is sent to be a governess to a strict and recently widowed sea captain called Captain Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer)’s seven children Liesel (Charmain Carr), Gretel (Kym Karath), Louisa (Heather Menzies), Brigitta (Angela Cartwright) Friedrich (Nicholas Hammond), Marta (Debbie Turner) and Kurt (Duane Chase). It is based very loosely off the true story of The Von Trapp singers, who were a family of singers who fled the Nazis during the second world war.

I have watched this movie many times ever since I was a small child. It’s one of those guilty pleasure movies that are incredibly corny, but you can’t help but love it. I’m also very surprised that I haven’t reviewed it before in a formal blogpost other than this one, and even if I have then it was ages ago. Julie Andrews was also one of my favourite actresses when I was younger, and she’s still one of those actresses who have been in all of your childhood films and Christopher Plummer gives that attractive charm to the screen. I used to have to sing most of the songs from the film in my old school choir, and I distinctly remember my eccentric old music teacher making up a fun one involving school.

I have taken quite a liking to old musicals and films. They have that nostalgic charm that you don’t get with modern films, and although this movie is incredibly sickly sweet and nearly all made up, it’s classic and you can return to it time and time again. The scenery also looks fantastic, and so does the interior of the Von Trapp house. I can’t pick a favourite musical number; it was ’16 going on 17′ (I have recently turned 17) but it turns out that the song gives the message of ‘you’re younger than me and therefore I can control you and tell you what to do’, but my other favourite include ‘how do you solve a problem like maria’ and the classics such as ‘Do re mi’ and ‘my Favourite things’ remind me of my childhood. I have known all the words to every song in the film for years now so I end up singing along.

Overall, a cheesy but incredibly loveable film that anyone can watch at any age. There have been many spin off musicals and stage productions and it was originally based off the Broadway musical.