King of Thorn

by missizziemcguinness


‘We’ll be together again, sis,’ 

King of Thorn is an anime movie about a deadly virus called the Medusa virus, which turns everyone who is infected with it to stone. The virus destroys most of earth’s population but when a few cryogenically frozen people awake from their sleep, they have to fight for survival as they are in danger of catching the virus.

I was recommended this film by one of my best guy friends, who absolutely loves anime and Japanese culture. Although I’m not the biggest fan of anime, Japan has its own individual animation style, and I loved the level of detail that went into the movie, from the surroundings to the characters to the precision of the blood that leaked from a virus victim’s head as they got chewed up. The references to fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty are used in an ironic and slightly sinister way rather than trying to cram in as many references as possible.

I liked how it got to the point where you couldn’t distinguish dreams from reality, because they were all living in a nightmare. The little boy in the film could definetly survive better than everyone else in the movie because he compared the trecharous quest for survival to a game that he played. The movie is basically like a better and animated version of the film Contagion. While I don’t really like the ‘I’ve caught a deadly disease and you’ll die’ type of films, this movie tends to show the horror of it through detailed animation and the unpredictability of the virus.

The actors who voiced the characters are probably all famous in their native Japan and they’re all very promising. Japan has its own individual music, animation and film style and taste. King of Thorn is based off the Japanese manga series of the same name.

I would recommend this film because I love its animation and the story line and the dark references to fairytales that you previously thought were bright and happy, but now you can no longer see them in the same light. I also like the flashback sequences and the soundtrack, and the little boy (who is later discovered to be called Tim) is very cute.