Billionaire Boy

by missizziemcguinness


‘It doesn’t need a discussion’

The TV movie, based off the book by David Walliams, is about a boy called Joe who is a billionaire because his father made a living from inventing his own toilet roll. Joe has everything he wants, except friends.

The boy actor who played Joe showed some promise for success in future projects, but other than him and maybe Warwick Davis, everyone was trying a bit too hard, but I think it was for comical effect. Catherine Tate, who I saw in her Lauren Cooper sketches which were made back in the mid 00s, was overacting a bit, and James Fleet’s performance was ok but minimal, and I recognized some of the other cast members. The film had too many plots and subplots to deal with and it felt as if it didn’t really end when it ended as they were held at an immaturely written and loose end.

My younger brother loves David Walliams books and I’m sure that he loved the film but I think that it was too short for its own good. However, David Walliams did look good as a woman and he did it for a comedic effect and Warwick Davis was so brilliant. Most of the characters were a bit cartoony (especially the bullies, who acted as if they were reading off a script) but I shouldn’t be so horrible about a fun family film.

I suppose that there were moments of laughter but most of the subplots were unresolved. I think that it was good that Joe eventually got a friend and learnt a few lessons about his own worth and to not use it as a weapon.

Ok film but it ended without tying up some of the loose knots.