The Knick Season 1episode 10

by missizziemcguinness


‘John, the drug. It’s destroying you’

Thackery’s drug addiction makes him more obviously paranoid while his competitor Zinberg carries out blood transfusion research and Cornelia chooses to not keep Algernon’s baby but proceeds with her wedding.

It is a qood round off to a fairly so-so series. Out of this series, I liked the historical references e.g blood transfusions, 500 years to figure out the cause of germs, Pasteur, blood transfusions etc but what I don’t like is the fact that some episodes seem more like a soap opera than a proper series. There have been some rubbish episodes but there have been some good ones as well.

Thackery and Elkins’ romance carries on but Elkins is trying to cover up a lot of things and she becomes scared of Thackery’s sudden mood swings when he doesn’t get what he wants (drugs) and as a early 20th century surgeon, he is a no-nonsense professional in surgery. Until the drugs get the best of him and everything comes together. I liked how the end of the series was very open ended. I haven’t seen Season 2 as of yet but I would presume that the open ending allows many possibilities and plots and scenarios that can carry on successfully into series 2.

Season 1 has had its ups and downs but the last shot of Thackery going to sleep really sums up how he deserved some rest and somebody needed to take charge of his addiction before it was too late to save him like he couldn’t save some of his patients.

Moral message: don’t do drugs, kids and save lives.