The Knick season 1 episode 9

by missizziemcguinness


‘I have bedbugs’

Thackery’s cocaine addiction gets way out of hand and results in a lot of trouble that affects the people around him, including his fellow doctors and Nurse Elkins while Cornelia’s lover Algernon refuses to help her due to the fact that she is expecting  his colored child.

After two serial tedious and average episodes, the series seems to be back on its feet. Although we get a break from the gruesome operations for the time being, the Thackery/Elkins love story carries on to the point when Elkins is Thackery’s temporary drug supplier. I can’t bring myself to imagine how Elkins is being used to supply drugs, especially after Thackery is arrested for breaking and entering.

Slightly better than its previous two episodes but does have a tendency to dwell into soap opera elements which is disappointing after we were promised and given fantastic earlier episodes.