Hairspray (2007)

by missizziemcguinness


‘If we can’t dance, then maybe we should just march’

Hairspray is a musical about a chubby girl called Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) who lands a spot in her favorite TV show ‘The Corny Collins Show’, much to the dismay of the ego filled dance director Velma (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her daughter Amber (Brittany Snow), and teaches them all something about breaking the barriers of racial prejudice on TV. It stars John Travolta as her mother Edna, James Mardsen, Zac Efron, Christopher Walken as her father Wilbur and Amanda Bynes as her best friend. Basically an all star cast.

I’ve seen this movie way too many times to remember ever since I was younger. Although I not that obsessed with these sorts of films, I like how this film has a moral message about the racial divide of that time despite being an overwhelmingly cheesy film. Michelle Pfeiffer is generally a very flawless actress, and as her character, she would simply need to raise an eyebrow and she could be the equivalent of a female villain in this movie. Christopher Walken was weirdly love able and you could tell that John Travolta loved dressing up as a woman.

The film basically shows that you can be whoever you want to be no matter if you’re tall or short, rich or poor, fat or thin, black or white. This was also shortly after the teenage revolution so teenagers could have a way to express themselves as the world and television culture was rapidly changing. Teenagers have been known to rebel against rules and their parents and Amanda Bynes’ character proves that. Zac Efron was ok but he was really only some random hot guy with too much gel in his hair and he had little to no depth in his character.

A fun filled guilty pleasure musical with some really good songs to include ‘You can’t stop the beat’. Now that I’m a bit older, I understand this film more than I did when I last watched it.