The Knick season 1 episode 8

by missizziemcguinness


‘We are at the forefront of discovery and technique’

Thackey’s relationship with Nurse Elkins continues and I would presume that it would be a subplot to every remaining episode of the series and into the second one too. Meanwhile, a shortage of cocaine means that Thackery goes into withdrawal, and he worries that Dr Zinberg will steal the spotlight at the hospital.

I feel really perverted for actually liking this episode amongst about 5 other decent ones. To be honest, I’m getting the vibe that the earlier Season 1 Knick episodes are a lot better than later S1 episodes. However, I am keen to see the rest of the series and this episode gets slightly better as it goes along but it just falls flat at times.

Ok episode but I’ve seen better episodes in the series and at least they included some form of real life historical references (500 years to discover germs) so it wasn’t all a game of doctors and nurses.