The Knick Season 1 episode 7

by missizziemcguinness


‘I can make it painless and perfect’

A racial attack breaks out after the policeman is killed when he makes an offer/pass at the girlfriend of an African American man. This directs back to Edwards’ status and skin color. Meanwhile, Thackery gets together with Nurse Elkins (I could see it coming since episode 1) as does Algernon with Cornelia.

This episode is probably one of the less interesting episodes that I have seen out of the series so far. It was good that Thackery and Nuse Elkins got together at last and racial attacks should not be taken lightly because it cost Algernon his life but this episode slips all too obviously into a typical hospital drama. There also seems to be a competition into how many sexually explicit scenes should be featured into one 40 minute episode. It just gets annoying because we’ve seen TV series scenarios like that before.