The Knick Season 1 Episode 6

by missizziemcguinness


‘Dr Edwards, I officially welcome you to The Knick’

The baby-who was originally proof to successful infant survival, declines in health and unfourtunetly dies, much to the disbelief of her mother, while Thackery discovers Algernon’s underground den.

Nothing much changes. They are still amazed by the newly X-Rays and Thackery’s treatments for the patients begin to work. This vastly contrasts to the beginning of the series when they were lucky to save a soul from their operation even in their wildest dreams. The confrontation between Thackery and Algernon was gripping to watch as Thackery uses his arrogance and manipulation to immensively dislike and underestimate Dr Edwards because of his skin color but he could also give Algernon several royalties.

Good episode and it was sad to see the baby (who is called Lillian as far as I know) go because she was the centre plot points for mostly all of the plot lines within the first half of the first series. The stage in the development at surgery at the moment in the series is still in its early stages but they are beginning to see the extent of the newly invented equipment.