The Knick Series 1 Episode 5

by missizziemcguinness


Whoever the hell this is, go to hell’

The baby gets meningitis, the doctors see the wonders of the then-newly found X-Ray machine and those are only two of the wonders that we have to face in this episode of the Knick.

Again, this is one of the episodes where I understand all the references due to my History GCSE topic from last year (or earlier this year). Indeed, without turning it into a history lesson, X-Rays were the best attempt at seeing the bone structure of someone without physically cutting into their body. Will this reduce the number of scenes that focus on bloody and often disastrous operations? Definetly not.

The series is really starting to pick itself up and it makes me want to watch the rest of the series and indeed the next series too. I continue to ship Thackery and the female doctor to be together and I think they get together eventually. Although we had no sign of Thackery’s cocaine addiction in the last two or so episodes, it is up and running again. Herman is still hanging out with ladies of the night and to add more drama, Algernon Edwards’ mother is ill.

I also wonder what thread from this episode would carry on into episode 6.

Good episode and I hope that the baby survives.