The Knick Season 1 Episode 4

by missizziemcguinness


‘Goodnight, Nurse Elkins’

Four episodes in and The drama carries on as we are introduced to a game of darts and some rat stomping which eventually leads to the rat stomper getting a serious disease. John Thackery visits his Syphilis infected patient and some hint of romance between Nurse Elkins and Thackery emerges slightly more than it has in previous episodes.

I am personally very into that period of medical History after studying it last year at school (I think I mentioned this is a previous review). It tends to fall into traps of a typical hospital drama set 100 years ago or so. Not once did I notice that Thackery never actually injected himself with cocaine in this particular episode and the black doctor was a bit more involved in the surgical action. The key thing is for the patients to survive and none of them seemed to do so. Owen actually mentioned in a interview that he’s glad that surgery has progressed so that we don’t die on the operating table.

Interesting episode and the baby, who is now a regular character, is a sign of survival considering the unsuccessful attempts.

It’s always interesting what event of the episode will lead onto something else into the next or succeeding episodes of this series.