The Knick Season 1 episode 3

by missizziemcguinness


‘No one handles the unexpected like John Thackery’

The series continues as Dr. John Thackery performs an early attempt at reconstructive surgery on a former lover named Abigail Alford (Jennifer Ferrin) who has contracted an STI from another guy, while the African American surgeon Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) makes a makeshift surgical clinic in his underground den.

Although the show dramatizes events a bit too much, I like how Clive Owen’s character is bitter, and unlike any of his other film or TV work, he isn’t even that hot when he’s angry. Instead, his insults to everyone cuts into our soul like he would cut into someone for an unsuccessful operation. The praise should also go to Andre Holland’s character, whos determination to keep people alive takes over from Owen’s drug induced character’s mission and they both take over the scenes that they are both in. The costume and makeup team should also get a mention because Alford’s barely-there nose looked scarily realistic.

Everything leads on the last episode as planned. The other doctor is still getting over his tooth being ripped out and engages in weird games with a, let’s just say- lady of the night.

All I can say other than that is that it is a good but slightly odd episode. Don’t watch it if you have just had dinner or have a light stomach.