The Knick Season 1 Episode 2

by missizziemcguinness


A man doesn’t come to me and beg

The Knick returns for a second episode of a fairly engaging series, but this time, they’re having electrification problems at the hospital and other problems arrive following that.

This series is heavily dramatized but it is well researched, although there have been many shows similar to The Knick. Clive Owen was very good at playing the arrogant doctor and as for the guy who plays the African American doctor, he was surprisingly watchable as well and did his job despite regular racial backlash from mostly all of the other characters. Most of the episode consists of an accident waiting to happen and the aftermath.

Anyway, considering that it was the second episode, all the characters had sunk in so we were just left with the different situations,yet it was a rather ok episode. As the second episode that succeeds its first, it has to prove to the audience that it is more than a silly one off drama.

Fairly good episode but sometimes I lost interest in some aspects of the plot only to come back to it again.