Moulin Rouge! (2001)

by missizziemcguinness


Come what may, I will love you until my dying day’

Moulin Rouge is a creatively colorful film directed by Baz Luhmann about a poet called Christian (Ewan McGregor) who falls in love with the star dancer Santine (Nicole Kidman) at a night club called Moulin Rouge and a tricky love triangle starts.

I only really like this film because of the color scheme e.g the bright red. Red has many connotations with blood, death, lust and love, all of which are relevant within the realms of this fairly touching but darkly bright and over the top film. The movie mostly takes place at night, and night usually means passion and red, a popular colourful in the movie, usually means love and death or blood. I have also seen some of Baz Luhmann’s other work, such as The Great Gatsby and the Leo Dicaprio version of Romeo and Juliet. I like how all his films are outrageously bright but provide more of a story and depth than just a pretty surface that would look good on screen and would win some cinematography related awards. Within the space of about an hour, Lurhmann has the artist talent to go from having his films outrageously bright to a dark toner.

I watched this movie with my sister ages ago and I have only recently watched it again. Some musicals are better than others, and this one uses popular songs and incorporates it into the movie e.g Elton John’s Your Song or even my personal favorites Lady Marmalade and especially Come What May, a song that was actually written for the 1996 Romeo and Juliet (source:imdb).

There always has to be something keeping star struck lovers apart in movies like these, and although I didn’t feel any immediate chemistry between Christian and Santine, the thing that kept them together was their love, the fact that it had to be played as an act and she was dying.

As for the cast, Ewan McGregor was alright in his role as Christian and I have seen him in other films. He is very much the young hot guy in this movie. Nicole Kidman is everywhere, in nearly every movie and I suppose that she was ok as her character in Moulin Rouge considering the amount of times that the men mess with her. The guy who played Harold came across as being very creepy as well and I don’t really like him as a character but I think the actor who played him is a brilliant actor.

Overall, a stunning movie with incredible cinematography, a fantastic soundtrack, remarkable costumes, great cast and a superb director. Honestly, Baz Lurhmann is probably my favorite director because he has a very over the top approach to everything. Although the storyline and chemistry between the two leads was often not there, the cinematography and the dancing or the singing made up for it. Also starring Jim Broadbent.