A.I: Artificial Intelligence

by missizziemcguinness


‘Is it a game?’

Steven Spielberg directs A.I, this sci-fi  movie about a robotic boy with proper human thoughts and emotions called David (Haley Joel Osment) who sets out to be a ‘real boy’ and find his human mother. It also stars Jude Law and some other major A-list actors.

I have a fairly big interest in these sorts of movies, but in this case, the visuals and the cast strike more than anything else in the film. I also like the connotations of water and being a toy, especially when it comes to what David is, as water can easily break a toy. He’s a robot and young children like playing around with robotic toys. In some way, the make up people must have spent ages trying to make Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment look like robots complete with alot of effective but slightly dated CGI. The use of blue is a major colour is the film and it definitely does jump on your fear of water as blue is usually associated with being a cold colour. After all, he did direct Jaws….

The colour scheme is actually really interesting. At one point, I did not care much for the film but it picked up in the middle, although it isn’t exactly the best film that I have ever seen but Spielberg is one of my favorite directors (aside from Tarantino and probably the Wasowskis). I think that one day, we will actually have robot children (not the ones who sit in front of the computer, I mean actual robot children) and more talking teddy bears. I like how the director combines darkness, light, hope and taking bits from popular fairytales such as Pinocchio to contribute to a fairly good film.

Overall, stunning visuals, interesting cast, excellent director. At least David got his wish in the end and it makes you appreciate your mother more.