Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

by missizziemcguinness


‘You just remember who the enemy is’

Katniss Everdeen returns and the story picks up from where it stops in the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy. A rebellion against the Capitol begins so her and Peeta Mellark return to the arena to fight in the Hunger Games all over again in a special edition.

I’ll admit that some bits of the book were incredibly slow, and some picked up the pace and the pieces from the previous Hunger Games book, and I began to notice more obviously that Catching Fire, and the Hunger Games altogether, is basically a toned down version of Lord of The Flies, or something similar when you make children fight or take over in a dystopian world. I read about half of this a while ago and I haven’t seen the film yet, but some of it was indeed gripping and some of it was not. It didn’t really help that I read the main arc of the story in a fairly loud classroom before college so most of it is a bit bitty. I also think that the second book of any trilogy has alot to live up for and despite the fact that it did carry on from the first, it did not exactly live up to it.

Once you take part in something, mostly a TV show, I would assume that the people in charge or indeed the leaders will not let you go of that event. It is as if the Hunger Games never ended and Collins is just picking up the pieces.

I just need to see if Mockingjay completes the trilogy successfully and if the Catching Fire film adaptation does the book justice (I have been told that it doesn’t but I would need to see if that is correct).