The History Boys

by missizziemcguinness


‘Sir, I don’t understand poetry’

The History Boys is a film based on a play by Alan Bennett about a group of intellectual boys who have all been accepted into Oxford or Cambridge and their teachers Mrs Lintott (Frances de la Tour), Hector (Richard Griffinths) and the young history teacher Irwin (Stephen Campell Moore) contrasting teaching methods.

There have been many films that have followed the same plot or basis of The History Boys but the movie strikes as being original. I haven’t read the play but the film has many familiar faces, such as Dominic Cooper, Richard Griffinths (the actor who played Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter but sadly passed away a couple of years ago), James Corden (an actor/presenter that I don’t really like but he was passable in this), Frances de la Tour and Andrew Knott, a fairly good actor who was in The Secret Garden 1993 when he was younger. This movie is proof that A levels are very old fashioned and useful qualifications, especially if you are reaching for the top, and in this case- so that the boys could enter prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

I personally liked this film, although the actors who played the boys were about 25-30 year olds playing eighteen year olds, but I think that that is the magic of convincing acting that is also applied into other films and TV shows and I’m not really too bothered as long as they played it well, which they clearly have. My favorite scene was when one of the students reenacted a soliloquy from the classic movie Brief Encounter, my mum’s favorite film. Although I am not going to a top university any time soon, there have been some teachers in the past who have taught me who don’t muck about and some add some fun to student learning.

It also has many themes and topics that make it slightly more exciting than an average play adapted into a film and it has many life lessons, such as be careful on a two person motorbike.It also makes you realize that you status and reputation is merely defined by what prestigious university that you are getting into.

Good cast, did not fail to make me laugh and cry and a generally ok film.