Sin City

by missizziemcguinness

sin city

‘Hell of a way to end a partnership’

Robert Rodriguez and the original graphic novel writer Frank Miller direct Sin City- a episodic movie split into six parts and follows the corruption of several different people in New York city. It has a good cast, including Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, the late Micheal Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile and others.

I like how it is adapted well from the comic book, so much so the visual effects deserve some sort of award (if they hadn’t got several after the release). I think the black and white comic technique thing was known as neo-noir and it seemed to be very effective. The tinted (usually red) paint for blood was interesting and it looked like they were let loose with the red, white and yellow paint. If I was an up and coming filmmaker, I would probably want to take inspiration from the visual effects from this film and use them in my own student film. In some of the scenes, the women wear red among the black and white color and red is usually the key color for lust, blood, romance, love, sex and danger. Ok, the women were only used as sexual objects but they were also strong characters once they were armed with a gun so they were kicking butts while the men blew each other’s brains out. Quentin Tarantino was a guest director and I could see where he got involved because it bore some similarities to the bloody battles in all of his movies.

I watched some of this movie a while ago with my sister and I wasn’t very interested in it. Clever visuals and soundtrack and actors, but aside from that, my views of the movie haven’t really changed. All I saw were sleazy men, blood and some actresses who stood around with guns and suspenders pretending to be prostitutes but I suppose that the visuals were striking and the characters were no-nonsense. I suppose this would be one that you could hack at and analyse to death. One of the only reasons why I decided to watch it again is because I thought my opinion of it would change and because I didn’t realize that Clive Owen was in it (I like some of his films, and sometimes his face) and he was very good as Dwight with his hair and leather jacket and convincing screen presence. Elijah Wood was also exceptionally creepy considering that his role was a far cry from the hobbit Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Micheal Clarke Duncan was brilliant in his role as much as he was in The Green Mile.

This would probably just about make it into my top ten and I liked the cinematography, visual effects, colour scheme, cast and action sequences. The action sequences also reminded me of some of my brother’s video games that he likes playing i.e Grand Theft Auto V while the striking visuals are open for analysis for those who want to look into it that deeply. There is a sequel called Sin City: A Dame to Kill For but I haven’t seen it yet.