Closer (2004)

by missizziemcguinness


‘Why won’t you let me love you?’

Mike Nichols directs this drama about the deceitful crossover of two sets of relationships involving Alice (Natalie Portman), Dan (Jude Law), Larry (Clive Owen) and Anna (Julia Roberts).

Admittedly, I would have probably never approached, let alone bothered to watch this film if it wasn’t for the stellar cast which makes the movie vaguely enjoyable. It wouldn’t have been very good if they got any four actors to play the two sets of leads and the good cast give them more background and depth than ‘Look at me, I’m the sleazy one’ ‘I’m the stripper’ or ‘I’m the photographer’. I liked watching from the side as they tear both the characters and the relationships apart and all they have to do is act on what’s left of the pieces in a metaphorical box. I am also a big fan of Natalie Portman and Clive Owen’s work.

However, it all gets a bit confusing, and I hope that the director intended to show that the audience don’t know who is now cheating on who, who is going out with who and which person decided to go off with someone else. It’s like a soap opera with better actors and a better script and without the feeling that you have to doze off from the ludicrous acting.

Closer looks a bit odd from the outside and it would probably never appeal to someone who is not a fan of the director or the four actors, but it is always worth a watch.

Brilliant cast, good director and an interesting soundtrack.