Shutter Island

by missizziemcguinness


”She’s still here. She never left’

Martin Scorsese directs yet another one of his thinkers’ movies, and Shutter Island is about two Marshals called Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his working partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) who investigate the disappearance of a female killer who escaped from the mental institute on a desolate island called Shutter Island. A series of events on the island leads to Daniels questioning his own sanity.

I think that this is one of those type of horror-thrillers that wouldn’t be scary if you took away the shock factor and the chilling music. If you took away those horror factors then Leonardo DiCaprio’s character would be running around looking mad and questioning people.

I don’t remember caring about this movie whatsoever when I last watched it several years ago, although Scorsese likes using his shock factor to scare the audience into thinking ‘did that really happen or is that a trick?’. Watching again meant that we could be manipulated into clues which may have been discarded or expanded on throughout the course of the movie.

I don’t like any of Leonardo DiCaprio’s films past The Great Gatsby but that is not the point. I liked how he was clever enough to keep that sort of secret for so long, which is halfway between being clever and having duo-personality disorder, something that could be argued in an in-depth analysis. As for Mark Ruffalo, I personally think that he is a good actor and he worked well as Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s sidekick, and not forgetting Sir Ben Kingsley, who seems to wow the audience with his overbearing screen presence every time he plays a role in every film.

I also liked the cinematography, all the greys and black shades and the feeling that they cannot escape off the island, therefore he cannot escape the fact that he was the guy who went missing. Considering that I live on an island, it actually makes the whole film seem very claustrophobic and creepy, and the lighthouse symbolism could be interpreted in many ways.

Overall, good cast, cinematography and plenty of suspense to keep you questioning the forthcoming events.