Children of Men

by missizziemcguinness


‘The time when people refused to accept that the future is right around the corner’

Alfonzo Cuaron directs this dystopian set in 2027, where infertility from women means that mankind will become extinct, and it is up to Theo (Clive Owen) to basically save the world/mankind when a young person called Kee (Clare Hope-Ashitey) is the first pregnant woman in eighteen or so years. It is based on the novel by P.D James.

Dystopians are very interesting and have since been my favourite genre, simply because you can make up your own bleak future, and the director seemed to have done it very well. If you think about it, this movie is now set twelve years in the future, and it was out nearly ten years ago, this could all have the potential to happen tomorrow or at some point in the future. I can’t remember when this specific movie came out because I was too young to care about a dark, grim but still relevant film like this but I like the whole premise surrounding the story. I liked how every so often, the scene would mostly focus on a news report, therefore even we are surrounded by second- by second news all the time. I’m currently writing my own dystopian, very much like the ‘last of……’ similar to Children of Men, then you realize that you can approach it on so many levels and adapt it, and quite honestly, Children of Men makes all the other films similar to it look a bit daft. Once the children go, we go, and once they don’t know what pregnancy is,  which is currently seen as glamorous and natural for women then I suppose that mankind dies as quickly as the humans.

As for the actors; the choice of cast was good. You shouldn’t always judge something from the cast (even though the right actors do help) but Clive Owen was actually brilliant as Theo, a considerably likable character and I have noticed from his past acting credits that he has been in nearly everything, from Sin City to Closer. Most of his stuff involves guns so I suppose he has a type. Julianne Moore starred in it but she is in everything nowadays as well, and it was surprising to watch Pam Ferris in anything other than Matilda and stuff, while Clare-Hope Ashitey played her role very well. The cinematographer obviously has a skill in it as he uses his magic behind the screen to create heart racing visual sequences to create a dense doom laden world (or just London).

I cannot believe how much I came to like this film, but there was something about it that pieced it all together without it being predictable. The entire thing, except for the news reports, are shot in some sort of tinted blue, making it look very post  apocolyptic and distant. It is slowly creeping up into first place in my ‘Top 5 movies’ list.

Great cast, exceptional cinematography and an overall impressive film that stays with you long after the film ends.

Also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor from 12 Years a Slave, Charlie Hunman and Micheal Caine.