Blogger Recognition Awards

by missizziemcguinness


How my blog got started: Back in June 2013, my sister helped me to set up a film blog due to my immense obsession with films, tv series, music and books, and I got the name 21st century girl not from the Willow Smith song but because I only remember the 21st Century.

Advice for new and upcoming bloggers:

1.) Don’t treat blogging like a chore- Blogging is meant to be a fun activity and hobby where you get to share your thoughts on whatever you want with other people, not a chore that has to be done at a precise moment while being strapped to a chair.

2.) Have fun- Do not take it too seriously unless you want to and have fun with the oppurtunity to share your thoughts on things whether it is a film blog, baby blog etc.

3.) Update regularly and don’t give up blogging just because someone didn’t read it, write because you want to, not to get noticed but you will get regular readers.

I nominate:

Sophbirchy1992 (

Strawberrypiemovies (

crowarrowinc1974 (

Stuart M. Perkins (

Elm (

Charlotte Cuevas (

Steve Lovelette Jr. (

NeenorROAR (

BookedSolid1989 (

jessishopeful (

ItsKeeleyRose (