Still Alice (film)

by missizziemcguinness

still alice film

‘It’s really all I can do. Live in the moment’

Still Alice is based on the novel by Lisa Genova about a linguistics professor called Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) who gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease at the age of fifty and how her family, including her husband John (Alec Baldwin) and her children Lydia (Kristen Stewart), Tom (Hunter Parrish) and Anna (Kate Bosworth) deal with it as she declines in mental fuction.

I read the original novel and I noticed little difference in the transition between the book and the film, except for the names of places and maybe some small events, even though the events in the film tend to leap again. The directors (one of them had ALS) clearly delivered a fairly fantastic novel into a good film with the freedom of camera angles and a good script to guide them.

Julianne Moore was actually very good as Alice. Moore can play anybody, and I personally think that she is in everything. I saw her in Maps to the Stars but she seemed to be very unhinged in that so it was interesting for her to take on something a little more toned down but still needed to be taken seriously. With a subject matter involving something like Alziemers, it should not be taken lightly simply because it is serious, and some of my older relatives had Alziemers when they died. However, what was so shocking was she was only  middle aged.

Likewise, I generally don’t like Alec Baldwin’s acting, so I think it  was questionable to cast him simply because I don’t really like him as an actor and other actors could have played that part better. It was Julianne Moore’s film but he seemed to think that it was his show, although I was mostly watching Julianne Moore. I don’t really like Kristen Stewart stuff either after her previous performance in Twilight (I admit that I had a 2 year obsession with the Twilight Saga) but she seemed to overcome that hurdle in this movie and she was surprising to watch. It also seemed like an Iphone/ Apple product advertisement, a thing which is common in most movies made within the last three or so years.

The book was touching as was the film, and again Alziemers should not be brushed off as ‘forgetting’, and the book provided some background information for the film, which did not have enough time to include all the little details.

Stellar performance from Julianne Moore which landed her an Oscar, surprisingly good performance from Kristen Stewart and it was sad to see Alice decline from a linguistics professor to a person who was not all there, however it did seem to rely on Apple products such as an Iphone and Macbook computer, but compare that to something as serious as Alziemers, the stuff that they use does not really matter. It teaches you to seize each day and each person because you might forget them one day.