Great Expectations (2012)

by missizziemcguinness

Great Expectations (2012)

Mike Newell (director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) presents his version of the classic Charles Dickens novel in the latest adaptation. Great Expectations is about an orphan called Pip (Jeremy Irvine) who becomes a gentleman. The movie has plenty of well known actors in it, such as Helena Bonham Carter, Halliday Granger, David Walliams and Ralph Fiennes.

My sister made me watch it as she is doing a university dissertation about Great Expectations and I reluctantly watched this version because Jeremy Irvine is a rather good looking actor and I wanted to see how modern audiences adapt to an adaptation with masterpieces like the original in mind.

The film has peaked my interest in the book and I have only seen the 1940s version, an adaptation that I greatly prefer because it feels like the era that Dickens wanted. Don’t get me wrong, Helena Bonham Carter was very convincing as Miss Havisham, but I liked the original black and white one because it was heavy on the symbolism i.e the gate rather than the romance between Pip and Estella yet this version sprinkles in several A listers, most of them previously starred in the Harry Potter film series. I lost a bit of interest when David Walliams appeared, is he trying to make this a comedy? They were also a bit too clean, even though they were rich and it was too modern for my tastes. At least with the 1940s one, I had no idea who any of the actors were so I did not dwell on who they were as my end result and thoughts of the film.

Despite that, I was impressed by the performance of Toby Irvine, the actor who plays the young Pip and Jeremy Irvine’s younger brother, and I suppose that it needed to appeal to a slightly younger audience. The scenery was good as were the cinematography, accurate costumes and script, and Jeremy Irvine does take on meaty characters while Helena Bonham Carter does look the part of Miss Havisham e.g Gothic and terrifying.

It is a successful adaptation, with good costumes and a great cast, but not the best adaptation, but that is only my opinion.

Also stars Ralph Fiennes and Halliday Granger.