What If

by missizziemcguinness


What if is a movie about a medical school dropout called Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) who bonds with Shantry (Zoe Kazan) and discovers what it means when your best friend is more than you think.

I liked how What If was a bit more watchable that Woman In Black, but less than Radcliffe’s mainstream work such as Harry Potter. Everyone has that friend who you want more with (if that even makes sense) when everyone else is going out with someone, however I came to think that I could not care for any of the characters, their backgrounds or the chemistry between the two lead, which was ok but not the best.

Still, the choice of cast and overall message was very well chosen and depicted. The problem with this sort of film is that it has been done before and gets tangled up with romantic and unoriginal cliches which sometimes gets on my nerves from the weak characterization. Daniel Radcliffe, however was very good in his role because he looked the part and somehow reminded me of the Outnumbered actor Tyger-Drew Honey.

Overall a good film with occasional comical and relatable moments and a good cast to include Rafe Spall. It is also based on the play by T.J Dawe.