The Inbetweeners 2

by missizziemcguinness



‘Please don’t let this be my last thought’

The Inbetweeners boys Simon (Joe Thomas) , Neil (Blake Harrison) and Will (Simon Bird) return and now they’re off on another holiday, to see Jay (James Buckley) on his gap year to the ‘sex capital of the world’ Australia, with once again entertaining results.

The guys have moved on, they have gotten over their high school crushes, and slowly growing up into men. Indeed you feel as if you are watching them grow up into men, going off on their own and exploring the world, and I personally become emotionally attached to the characters. They do tend to recycle original jokes from the series, but I think that that is the whole point, and once again end up in disastrous situations .

Apparently there will not be another film, and I think it would just go on and on if they made another one anyway, otherwise they will go from being Inbetweeners to being married men with children. There is a time and place for a good series like this to stop, and that is on a gap year.

Good cast, great ending to a gripping series and spinoffs, but it was only made because it was hard to say goodbye to these guys.

Also stars Emily Berrington.