Your Highness (2011)

by missizziemcguinness


‘She is a woman and we are a man’

Your Highness is a comedy film about two royals called Fabious (James Franco) and his brother Thadeus (Danny McBride) who go on a quest with Isabel (Natalie Portman) to rescue Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) from the wizard.

My Dad recommended this film to me as I am a fan of Natalie Portman’s work, not forgetting that I think she is a very glamorous actress. What I expected was for her to be the bit on the side of one of the superior male characters, but indeed I was wrong. As usual, although she was only introduced near enough to the halfway point, she kicks some butt after we have to sit through an hour of James Franco and his friends with the dodgy wigs like a cup of tea at the end of a hard day.

I found that it was a very crude comedy, too good to be a spoof and not good or serious enough to be taken seriously, so the film is merely satire. James Franco and Zooey Deschanel are OK as their characters, but as soon as Natalie Portman is introduced, she takes over with her alluring, feminist and kick-ass presence, despite the fact that it is not her best nor her most successful role.

I will not say that Your Highness is a rubbish film- indeed it is funny and uses satire by making fun of fairytale and uses obscene dialogue, but I thought that there would be more Natalie Portman, who saved the film from being the James Franco show.

Average film with amusing humour but previous critic reviews mislead my opinion.

Directed by David Gordon Green.