Prom (2011)

by missizziemcguinness


It is my school prom today, and in honour of such a highly special and anticipated event of the school year, it would only make sense to review an actual prom movie.

Prom is overly anticipated and hyped, judging by all the movies involving prom. Even over here, every waking moment involves my friends talking about if their prom dress has arrived, or if their shoes have arrived. Enough of the trivial moaning.

Prom is a rather stereotypical and rather typical seen- it before film about a high school prom, where everyone forgets about things previously all for one night all for the usual prom, which is usually held at the end of the tiresome exams. This film is an example of a usual plastic-y film where you don’t really need to think about anything, but laboriously labels people but it inspired to theme to my prom.

Average film, nothing overly special or life changing.