Proof (1991)

by missizziemcguinness


‘Everybody lies, but not all the time’

Proof is a  movie about a blind photographer called Martin (Hugo Weaving) who gets others to describe his photographs for him despite having trust issues, until a young man Andy (played by a baby faced Russell Crowe) and his talent in descriptions comes along, and a friendship develops between the two.

I tend to review alot of Hugo Weaving films, and the only reason is because the man has different things to offer with every role that he plays, and he can literally play anyone, usually when usual comfort blankets of using eyes is reduced, and later the use of facial expression when he plays V 14 years later. The movie was made long before he was Elrond and slightly before he was in Priscilla, and as for Russell Crowe, this film shows exceptional promise for a long future film career for the both of them and it was made before he played a gladiator. It will simply be wrong to compare or typecast them into future roles as they show alot of promise in this movie and they are more than an elf or a gladiator.

However, what I did not like about the film is that all the good bits are in the beginning and the middle, and they cram in some sort of character into Celia the housekeeper towards the end, as if they were in a hurry for time. I did not expect it to be too  much of a ‘wow’ film, yet it showed potential for them and foreshadowed a long future career in stage and film.

Reasonably good film, great choice of the then-young cast and a ever developing story, but do not expect this to be one to watch with your parents.

Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse.