All I know now: Wonders and Reflections of growing up gracefully by Carrie Hope Fletcher

by missizziemcguinness


In case you don’t know, Carrie Hope Fletcher is a West End actress, currently starring in ‘Les Miserables’ and Youtuber who comes across as being a big sister or agony aunt to her million or so followers. Her older brother is Tom from McFly, but she doesn’t let that opportunity get to her head as she is an independent person. I already have two older sisters that I would never replace with anyone else but Carrie Fletcher has that ability to reach through the computer screens of dozens of teenage girls and not exactly sympathize with them, but be their friend.

Anyway, her non fiction book is a guidebook for all teenagers everywhere who need help, or need some support, or who want to relate to her without taking advantage of her because of who her brother is. As a teenager myself, there have been far too many instances where some young adults or wannabe authors assume that because they are older than a majority of their readers, it means that they can patronize them. We honestly don’t need that, and Carrie’s overall message is to tell them that it is ok to be different, not everyone is going to like you, and giving an overall message that she can give overall moral support that we are scared to go to teachers or parents for. That is one of the main beauties of the internet in the age of supposed reliable technology- getting support from a Youtuber that I will probably never meet, and connecting with bloggers like you over our bond with a good movie or book.

Whether you are thirteen, fifteen, twenty, thirty or even a man or boy, this book is defiantly worth a read. It is reasonably easy for anyone to write a book, but Carrie does not draw attention to herself, and with all these resources such as Tumblr and Twitter, we could have our own make believe land where Carrie is our friend with the emotional bond that most Youtubers have with their followers.

Although most of the people reading would either be my friends or bloggers who would much rather read a review of the latest small indie film or large blockbuster, but thank you Carrie Hope Fletcher, you are an inspiration to both myself and my older sister and to your fans.