by missizziemcguinness


‘Giselle! I have been dreaming….’

Enchanted is a part animated, part live action movie about a princess called Giselle (Amy Adams) who is banished into a modern day New York from her animated fairyland by an evil queen and falls in love with a lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) having been originally out to find her true love Nathaniel (James Mardsen)

I am not a strong feminist but more recent Disney films do not need a man to find who they are, and it is quite weird to get use to movies only done just under ten years ago like this one which put across the message that a man is all they need, yet it probably doesn’t bother anyone as the target audience for the movie is mostly children. This was one of the films which was on repeat because I liked it so much when I was slightly younger.

Amy Adams, as usual, is a brilliant and rather glamorous actress, and she puts across the character of a rather naive princess very well, then she will do another film and be a completely different character. I’m sure that we all have times when the big real world is fairer, but I wouldn’t suggest going up or down sewers into a magical animated world. Patrick Dempsey carried his performance using his good charmer/ hot older man looks which he uses in other roles such as Grey’s Anatomy. James Mardsen was also very good, and sometimes very funny as his haplessly tries to find Giselle in New York.

Great cast, clever animation, good but rather cheesy soundtrack songs and a sweet but rather cliched story.

Also stars Indina Menzel and Timothy Spall.